Warner Bros Studio Tour Welcomes 10 Millionth Visitor


Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter today welcomed its ten millionth visitor since opening in 2012.

Olivia Murray, 8, from Newcastle was delighted to be given the chance of a lifetime to step onto the authentic set of Professor Dumbledore’s Office and sit at the headmaster’s desk used during filming for a one-of-a-kind photo opportunity. After exploring both Dumbledore’s Office and the Gryffindor Common Room, Olivia and her family enjoyed a guided experience through the Studio Tour. Olivia is a huge Harry Potter fan and was given tickets to the Studio Tour as a Christmas present, she described the experience as “a dream come true”.

Geoff Spooner, General Manager and Vice President, Warner Bros. Studio Tour London says: “It’s amazing to have welcomed our ten millionth visitor to the Studio Tour today. Since opening in 2012, we’ve been delighted by the overwhelmingly positive response we’ve seen from Harry Potter fans all over the world. In that time, we’ve launched two permanent expansions allowing fans to walk through Platform 9 ¾ and the Forbidden Forest, received numerous awards and been rated as ‘Excellent’ of ‘Very Good’ in 96% of the 31,000+ reviews on TripAdvisor. With lots of exciting developments to come, we can’t wait to welcome more fans to experience the magic of the Studio Tour over the coming years”.

To book your own tickets to visit the Studio Tour, visit this link right here!

Posted on March 5, 2018

Goblet of Fire At WB Studio Tour


Warner Bros Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter has revealed a special new upcoming Goblet of Fire feature. It will run from March 30th right up until September 23rd of this year:

Starting this Easter, visitors are invited to discover behind-the-scenes secrets of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire as Warner Bros. Studio Tour London launches a special feature dedicated entirely to the fourth instalment of the magical film series, revealing secrets behind the characters, costumes and props that made it so special.

As part of the feature, The Goblet of Fire will be returned to the Great Hall for the first time since filming wrapped in 2010. Every visitor to the Great Hall will see a live Special Effects demonstration showing how the Triwizard Champions’ parchments were expelled from the Goblet, even receiving a souvenir parchment to remember their visit. During filming, two versions of the Goblet of Fire were created for different purposes. The original goblet was hand-carved by Head Propmaker, Pierre Bohanna, from a single piece of wood chosen for its twists, knots, and splits to give it an organic, ancient quality. A mould of this was then taken for the Special Effects version that was rigged to propel the parchments of the four Triwizard Champions. Visitors to the Studio Tour will see both versions of the Goblet of Fire up-close as part of the feature.

Harry Potter fans will remember Harry’s trip to the Prefects’ Bathroom on the advice of Cedric Diggory, after completing the first challenge of the Triwizard Tournament. From 30th March, the iconic Prefects’ Bathroom taps will be displayed in the Studio Tour complete with multicoloured water running from each of the 53 spouts, just as seen on-screen. Created by award-winning Special Effects Supervisor, John Richardson, the taps were cast in real bronze for strength and durability on set.

Visitors to the Studio Tour during the special feature will also discover behind-the-scenes secrets of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named in a display demonstrating how Voldemort’s seemingly simple costume was adapted to show both his strength and vulnerability throughout the films. In addition, many new props and costumes from the Triwizard Tournament will be on display including the boot Portkey that transported Harry, Hermione and the Weasley family to the 422nd Quidditch World Cup.

Tom Riddle’s grave will be displayed in the Studio Tour allowing a 360 degree view of the sculpture, providing the perfect photo opportunity for fans of the Dark Arts. The sculpture was created before the details of Voldemort’s lineage were known meaning the dates had to be changed in post-production.

Lastly, visitors will see a new addition to the majestic Hogwarts castle model; a scale version of the Beauxbatons carriage complete with winged horses poised to land on the Hogwarts grounds for the first time ahead of the Triwizard championship.

As always, tickets must be purchased in advance (the feature is included in your standard ticket price) & you can do so by clicking this link right here!

Posted on February 20, 2018

Bloomsbury Book Sale


The Bloomsbury February sale is now on and you can get 30% off a selection of Harry Potter books, including the beautiful illustrated edition of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them:

The illustrated edition is on sale from £25 down to £17.50

The deluxe illustrated edition is down from £120 to £84

The updated school book edition is on sale from £12.99 down to £9.09

The screenplay is down from £16.99 to £10.19

While the Hogwarts library box set is on sale from £35 down to £24.50.

Posted on February 19, 2018

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald


With today being exactly one year until the release of the second Fantastic Beasts movie, Warner Bros has released both a first look and the official title: Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald



(Left to right) JUDE LAW plays a young ALBUS DUMBLEDORE, taking on the mantle of one of J.K. Rowling’s most beloved characters;

EZRA MILLER makes a return as the enigmatic CREDENCE, whose fate was unknown at the end of the first film;

CLAUDIA KIM appears as a Maledictus, the carrier of a blood curse that destines her ultimately to transform into a beast;

ZOË KRAVITZ plays LETA LESTRANGE, who had once been close to Newt Scamander but is now engaged to his brother;

CALLUM TURNER joins the cast as Newt’s older brother, THESEUS SCAMANDER, a celebrated war hero and the Head of the Auror Office at the British Ministry of Magic;

KATHERINE WATERSTON returns as TINA GOLDSTEIN, who has been reinstated as an Auror for MACUSA;

EDDIE REDMAYNE stars again as wizarding world Magizoologist NEWT SCAMANDER, who has now gained fame in the wizarding world as the author of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them;

DAN FOGLER reprises the role of the only No-Maj in the group, JACOB KOWALSKI;

ALISON SUDOL reprises the part of Tina’s free-spirited sister, QUEENIE GOLDSTEIN, a Legilimens who can read minds;

and JOHNNY DEPP returns as the powerful Dark wizard GELLERT GRINDELWALD in Warner Bros. Pictures’ “FANTASTIC BEASTS: THE CRIMES OF GRINDELWALD.”


At the end of the first film, the powerful Dark wizard Gellert Grindelwald (Depp) was captured by MACUSA (Magical Congress of the United States of America), with the help of Newt Scamander (Redmayne). But, making good on his threat, Grindelwald escaped custody and has set about gathering followers, most unsuspecting of his true agenda: to raise pure-blood wizards up to rule over all non-magical beings.
In an effort to thwart Grindelwald’s plans, Albus Dumbledore (Law) enlists his former student Newt Scamander, who agrees to help, unaware of the dangers that lie ahead. Lines are drawn as love and loyalty are tested, even among the truest friends and family, in an increasingly divided wizarding world.
“FANTASTIC BEASTS: THE CRIMES OF GRINDELWALD” is being directed by David Yates, from a screenplay by J.K. Rowling, and produced by David Heyman, J.K. Rowling, Steve Kloves and Lionel Wigram.

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Posted on November 16, 2017

Hogwarts In The Snow At WB Studio Tour


The much beloved Hogwarts in the Snow event will be returning to Warner Bros Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter this winter, but this time with an added glimpse into Christmas at Hogwarts.

This year the Great Hall will be decorated as it was for the Yule Ball, which took place on Christmas Day, in Goblet of Fire.

An event not to be missed, it will be running from November 18th up until January 28th 2018:


This festive season, Harry Potter fans are invited to experience Christmas time at Hogwarts and discover how film-makers created fire, ice and snow that never melts as Warner Bros. Studio Tour London undergoes a magical makeover for Hogwarts in the Snow. From 18th November – 28th January 2018, visitors will have the opportunity to see the Harry Potter film series’ most iconic sets decorated for festive scenes. The Great Hall will be transformed, the Gryffindor common room will be dressed for the season and a blanket of filmmaking snow will be meticulously applied to the majestic Hogwarts castle model.

For the first time ever, the Great Hall stage will be decorated as it was for the iconic Yule Ball. As seen in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, the celebration of the Triwizard Tournament saw every detail of the Great Hall covered in shimmering silver, dripping icicles and sparkling snow. Visitors to the Studio Tour will get a taster of this incredible set dress as the top section of the Great Hall will be transformed with snow-covered Christmas trees, icicles and an orchestra of magical instruments. Conducted by Professor Flitwick, the orchestra is made up of musical instruments painted by the Prop-Making department to match the silver of the Yule Ball.

On display in the centre of the Great Hall will sit one of the beautiful Yule Ball sculptures. Inspired by the Brighton Pavilion, the sculptures were cast from resin and surrounded by mounds of imitation ice on which sat an array of refreshments for guests.

In addition to the Yule Ball decoration, The Great Hall will be lined with Christmas trees and the long dining tables will be dressed as they were for seasonal feasts at Hogwarts with prop versions of roast turkeys, hams studded with cherries and even Christmas puddings surrounded by real flames.

As part of the Hogwarts in the Snow feature, many of the iconic sets housed at the Studio Tour will receive a festive makeover. The Gryffindor Common Room and Boys’ Dormitory will be decorated with the original props including handmade Christmas cards, some of which were created by the cast members during production. Fireplaces throughout the Studio Tour (including those in the Leaky Cauldron and Great Hall) will be ‘lit’ with special effects fire, created by John Richardson and the SFX team using a combination of water vapour and lighting effects.

The Hogwarts castle model will be transformed with a layer of filmmaking snow. During filming, a member of the crew climbed aboard an elevated work platform and sprinkled the ‘snow’ mixture of granulated paper and grains of salt onto the model by hand with a sieve – like dusting sugar onto a cake. The same process will be used at the Studio Tour this November. Visitors will even be able to touch samples of the different types of ‘snow’ used during production, each selected for its ability to float like falling snow, crunch under foot or glisten in the light like ice.

As always, tickets must be pre-booked, which you can do by clicking this link!

Posted on October 17, 2017