Cast Talk About Their Characters


Pottermore have released a new interview with the cast in which they discuss their characters and how Jacob is the heart of the film:

Eddie Redmayne believes his co-star Dan Fogler is the ‘heart’ of Fantastic Beasts.

Speaking exclusively to Pottermore, Eddie said, ‘The brilliance is that Jacob is the heart of the film. The task he has in every single scene, having to react to something new, is a very delicate thing.’

Dan plays the film’s No-Maj character, Jacob Kowalski – an aspiring baker who gets mixed up in Newt Scamander’s adventures in 1926 New York.

Eddie even compared Jacob’s stunned reactions to the wizarding world with Leonardo DiCaprio’s performances as Hugh Glass in The Revenant.

‘I always say it’s like Leo DiCaprio in The Revenant. The amount of times that character has to wake up half-dead and then be able to make that continuously riveting even though he has to go through the same circumstances. I felt like it was exactly the same with Dan and Jacob’s reactions. He made it look so easy.’

The rest of the cast, along with director David Yates, also reminisced with Pottermore about the characters, in celebration of Fantastic Beasts release on DVD and Blu-ray today in the UK.

‘What I loved about the first script is the sort of whimsical innocence and charm of some of it,’ David mused. ‘I always felt like these characters were almost like grown-up children, in a way.’

Dan Fogler said it took him a while to get to grips with playing the No-Maj (Muggle) character Jacob and confessed he initially suffered from ‘wand envy’.

‘I had wand envy’, Dan said. ‘I’m a Star Wars fan and the philosophy I developed was that Han Solo wasn’t a Jedi and he was still pretty cool. So, I felt really great about being a No-Maj. Muggles get a bad rep but Jacob’s a really likeable, lovely, gregarious guy, and the part is just so fun.’

Alison Sudol, who played Queenie Goldstein, commended screenwriter J.K Rowling for also creating ‘inspiring’ female characters.

‘It was such a joy, because I had this base written and this character who has this depth to her because of her Legilimency,’ she said, referring to Queenie’s unique power to see into people’s minds.

‘I felt a huge responsibility to protect Queenie, because she has a combination of qualities that could very easily make her be viewed as weak, or as a bombshell. Or people could judge her on her physical appearance. I just thought about her all the time and found her really inspiring.’

Alison’s on-screen sister, Katherine Waterston, agreed. Waterston praised her character Tina’s ‘conflicting qualities’ and was keen to dispel the ‘strong woman’ trope so often used to describe nuanced women on screen.

Katherine said, ‘I was hearing a lot of talk about how strong women were, and I just thought, “I can’t remember the last time I heard a male character described as strong.”

‘I was so lucky to be able to contain those conflicting qualities in Tina. And I also love that the film didn’t really make a big deal about that – she just is. Sometimes she’s confident but it wasn’t like there was big violin music every time she was insecure. That’s one thing that’s amazing about Jo’s writing. She balances the fantastical element with characters that are very much grounded in reality.’

Posted on March 27, 2017

Ezra And Eddie Comment On Their Characters


In an interview with Gay Times, Ezra Miller talks about his character in the Fantastic Beasts series, the Obscurial, Credence Barebone:

Among the new characters we are introduced to is Credence – played by Ezra Miller – who is a young wizard forced to repress his magical abilities in fear of being persecuted by no-maj (muggles/non-magical people).

“My approach to Credence was that he was someone who never got the love that they needed,” Ezra told Gay Times.

“He was also subject to this sort of violent indoctrination that made him believe that he was bad, and that stopped him from allowing the truth of who he is to arise to the surface.

“It seems like the character himself is sort of an exploration of the results of that type of trauma and that sort of repression, what happens when we don’t let ourselves be ourselves can actually be pretty sad and scary.”

Speaking about how outsiders are a consistent thread through J.K. Rowling’s work, Ezra agreed that he could relate to Credence’s struggle through his own experience of feeling “ostracised” while growing up.

“I experienced my fair share of bullying and teasing as a youngster with strange interests,” he told us. “I also had a speech impediment when I was a kid, which made me an easy target, because I was the Quirrell [from the Harry Potter films] on the scene.

“And when I started going through puberty and having sort of confusing feelings about wanting to kiss people [laughs]. So, yeah, there were moments in my life where I felt ostracised from my contemporaries or from my peers.”

Ezra added: “Those times are really painful, but, of course, also very formative because they prompt us to step outside of society and to look at the world with fresh eyes, which is why I think that so many of our great minds have been ostracised folks and disenfranchised people of the world.”

Also commenting on his Fantastic Beasts character, Eddie Redmayne spoke to the Telegraph:

“I’m in the hands of one of the great storytellers of the 21st century. Parts of Newt’s character began to be unpicked in the film, but I feel there’s a long way to go – and that in itself is intriguing.”

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Find Fantastic Beasts – Liverpool


Today marks day one of the #FindFantasticBeasts challenge – a chance to not only win a copy of the Fantastic Beasts DVD, out today, but also two tickets to the second Fantastic Beasts premiere next year!

The competition kicks off in Liverpool at 9am today so get ready:


The first clue has been released – if you know the answer, be the first to that location & you could win the fantastic prize!



In record time, the first prize has been won! Congratulations to Emily!



Check back tomorrow as the #FindFantasticBeasts challenge heads to Edinburgh!

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Wizarding World of Harry Potter Japan Announces New Night Show


Universal Studios Japan will, this Spring, reveal a brand new light show at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter which runs from April 21st 2017 right up until November 5th 2017.

(Concept Art for Illustrative Purposes Only)

On April 21, 2017 (Wednesday), just before the Golden week holidays, a large scaled night show will debut in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Guests will be immersed in J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World as the students of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry fight off Dementors who descend across the Black Lake for an unforgettable show that’ll leave fans surprised and excited. On the same day, guests can experience new Wand Magic in Hogsmeade village.

In 2017, Universal Studios Japan will offer a dazzling array of new attractions and entertainment that push the limits to bring more excitement than ever before for the 15th anniversary of Universal Studios Japan.

The night show in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter will use magnificent projection mapping to bring the magic and wonder of Harry Potter to life in a way never before seen at Universal Studios Japan. The immersive show, that will leave fans in awe, unfolds above the Black Lake with Hogwarts castle serving as the backdrop and focal point. The incredible technology will brilliantly light up the night sky as Dementors fly ominously along the castle. The world of magic comes to life as never seen before. This immersive experience will make fans young and old tingle with excitement.

Opening on the same day as the night show, are new Wand Magic locations where guests can experience the joy of casting spells. Following the Magical Wand Map, guests can practice their magic throughout the land from the moment they encounter the Hogwarts Express conductor to when they approach Hogwarts castle. Wand Assistants are on hand to assist new witches and wizards as they try new spells.

You can book your tickets by visiting the official website!

Posted on March 16, 2017

Forbidden Forest First Look


Harry Potter actors Evanna Lynch, Jason Isaacs and James and Oliver Phelps were yesterday among the first to view the new Forbidden Forest expansion at Warner Bros Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter.

Yesterday Evanna Lynch, Jason Isaacs and James and Oliver Phelps who played Luna Lovegood, Lucius Malfoy and Fred & George Weasley respectively in the Harry Potter film series hosted a sneak peek of the new Forbidden Forest expansion at Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter.

From the moss on the giant trees to the hairs on Aragog, finishing touches are currently taking place to ensure that the Forest is ready for the official opening on 31st March. Entering this impressive set through the Hogwarts Gates, visitors will venture deep into the forest, filled with 19 enormous trees, each with a diameter of over 12 feet and walk beneath the giant entwined roots. On their journey they will pass a bowing Buckbeak and come face-to-face with Aragog, the huge spider, along with his family of spiderlings.

Evanna Lynch commented: “It’s so exciting to step in to the Forbidden Forest again; Production Designer Stuart Craig has perfectly recreated the mysterious and sometimes menacing atmosphere we all felt during filming in the ‘off-limits’ location. Being inside the forest surrounded by magical creatures always felt like a safe place for my character, Luna, so it’s amazing to be back.”

Home to an abundance of creatures, the Forbidden Forest offers shelter and protection to Hippogriffs and Acromantula among many others. It is also well known to beloved half-giant Hagrid in his role as Care of Magical Creatures professor. One of Rubeus Hagrid’s original costumes will be on display, lantern in hand, to welcome visitors through the Hogwarts Gates deep into the forest. Visitors will even be able to control the weather using the same techniques created by filmmakers.

Amongst the imposing trees, visitors will encounter a full size model of Buckbeak, which is new to the tour, and have the opportunity to bow to the majestic creature. They will see up close the incredible detail and craftsmanship that went into creating the magnificent Hippogriff. Each feather had to be individually inserted and glued by the Creature Effects team who were busy adding feathers right up until the final moment Buckbeak was needed on set for Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

As visitors venture deeper into the depths of the forest, they will come face-to-face with Aragog, the Acromantula. Emerging from his dark lair, the enormous spider will appear before visitors along with spiderlings from his family. Created by Nick Dudman, Creature and Make-Up Effects Designer, with help from Production Designer Stuart Craig, Aragog had a leg span of over 18 feet and was even able to crawl out of a hole and deliver dialogue in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

Officially opening on Friday 31st March, the new, must-see expansion has been designed and built by many of the crew members who worked on the hugely successful magical film series including Oscar® and BAFTA winning Production Designer Stuart Craig, Construction Manager Paul Hayes, BAFTA winning Creature and Makeup Effects Designer Nick Dudman and BAFTA winning Special Effects Supervisor John Richardson.

Sarah Roots, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Tours commented: “We are so excited to launch the Forbidden Forest expansion of the Studio Tour, especially on the fifth anniversary of our grand opening. It’s great to be working with so many of the original filmmakers who know so much about the wizarding world. There will be an opportunity to take control of the weather and discover the techniques used to create a realistic forest within a film. We can’t wait to let visitors step into this mysterious set and discover all this amazing detail for themselves.”

Stuart Craig, Production Designer on all eight Harry Potter films, added: “Over the course of the eight films, the Forbidden Forest has played a key role and I think it’s an exciting addition to the Studio Tour. The Forbidden Forest is full of mysterious, fascinating and sometimes threatening forces. It represents the great unknown compared to the comfort and safety of Hogwarts and the Gryffindor Common Room which makes it so interesting and important to the development of the story.”

The Forbidden Forest expansion opens March 31st & tickets can be bought by clicking right here! Just don’t forget to brush up on your Hippogriff & Acromantula knowledge before you go!

Posted on March 9, 2017