Crimes Of Grindelwald Screenplay Cover Reveal

The cover art for the upcoming Crimes of Grindelwald screenplay, designed by MinaLima, has been unveiled by Pottermore:


The artwork pays homage to Paris as one of the cities visited in The Crimes of Grindelwald, with the Eiffel Tower taking central focus. Eagle-eyed fans will also spot a few magical creatures, including a Bowtruckle and a Niffler, along with a few other recognisable Wizarding World symbols, such as the Deathly Hallows. We can also spot a locket with the letters ‘NF’, a piece of jewellery, and an ominous skull hanging over the top of the cover. But what do all of these mean for the story?

‘The location is so significant in this film and the Eiffel Tower is so iconic it lends itself to this design,’ Mira added. ‘And as for the colour, we wanted to keep the gold theme running through, but as the storyline is getting darker, we introduced this black silhouette design. And the overall colour is typical of the period.’

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