Martino Frolic – Possible Character? *UPDATED*

Found in the midst of trophies in the Harry Potter Studio Tour, is this:

A, rather large, trophy awarded to a mister Martino Frolic for ‘Bravery Against Fantastic Beasts’ in the year 1921.

Newt Scamander set off on his journey to research ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them’ in the year 1918 for several years, so it is quite possible he came across Martino in his travels?

It may, of course, be nothing but coincidence, but it’s something to think about & theorise in the mean time!

UPDATE: Unfortunately from our visit to the WB Studio Tour’s Second Anniversary event, we’ve learned that Martino Frolic was actually a friend of the designers and whose name was added as a tribute, and not for part in the movies.

This puts an end to our Martino Frolic theory…unless WB decides to add him in at some stage just because his trophy is already there? We’ll have to wait and see!