Harry Potter: The Creature Vault

From the 28th of October “Harry Potter: The Creature Vault“, a book about all the creatures and plants from the Harry Potter movies, will go on sale.

You can currently pre-order it from the publisher’s website for $45 and here is what the website says about the compendium:

Dementors and House-elves, merpeople and Chinese Fireball Dragons—these are just a few of the magical creatures and frightening monsters populating J. K. Rowling’s wizarding world. Harry Potter: The Creature Vault is a fascinating look at how this menagerie was brought to life for the blockbuster Harry Potter film series. Detailed profiles of each creature include rare concept illustrations, behind-the-scenes photography, and filmmaking secrets from the Warner Bros. archive. A removable poster picturing each of the creatures and an interactive Eeylops Owl Emporium catalog complete this must-have package.

This book is sure to give us some new information on some of the creatures we’re set to see in the Fantastic Beasts movies so don’t forget to order your copy!

Thanks to Mugglenet for the tip!