Fantastic Beasts Filming Pushed Back To Late 2015

Thanks to RadioTimes, we have some more new information regarding Fantastic Beasts – this time that filming has been pushed back to late 2015:

Pre-production is now well under way with plans to begin filming in late 2015 and – according to David Heyman, producer – there’s a “very, very special” script from Rowling.
Speaking to promote his new film, Paddington, Heyman told, “a lot of Fantastic Beasts will be filmed in London, England and the UK. Rowling has written the script and we’re working on it but it’s a little way off.”
He went on to describe the author and screenwriter as having “an incredibly vivid and wonderful imagination,” adding, “she has written something very, very special and I’m very excited about it. But it’s too early to tell you what it will be.”