David Heyman Talks Fantastic Beasts Crew

David Heyman gave an interview with Crave Online whilst promoting his new movie Paddington in which he discusses David Yates, Steve Kloves & J.K Rowling:

Is that why you brought David Yates back? Did he say, “Deathly Hallows sucked, I can do so much better with Fantastic Beasts?”

[Thinks.] No, just he’s a great director. He knows the universe very well. He can handle the humour and the drama of the piece, and I think he’ll be great.

I think he’ll be great too, it’s just interesting that he made so many of the previous films, and now that you’re spinning off into… I don’t know the details, but a different direction, different time period, different characters, it seems like you may be keeping him as sort of a through line. That’s how it looks from the outside.

You could also argue Steve Kloves, myself, Jo [laughs] are also through lines.

Yes, I guess it seems very homespun, to use your word.

Yes, but we’re all quite brave and bold in our approach to what we’re creating.

J.K. Rowling is writing this one, right?

David Heyman: Mm-hmm.

What’s that like? You said she was very hands off because it was a different process before. Is the process different now that she’s writing the script?

No. I mean yeah, she’s… no, not really. Just as on Potter films you go to Jo [for] “What’s the seventh use of dragon’s blood?” Or “What’s the third?” or “What are the names for this and that? You’ve only got ten, we need a hundred.” She’d have it. So too on this. Whatever you read is just the beginning of her knowledge of it. She has so much greater knowledge than you could imagine.

So it’s the early days so I don’t know how that’s going to continue through the process, but her role in this – she’s a producer, but she was on the last Potters – is as a writer, and a creator. She knows that David Yates is going to be directing the film and she’s respectful of that, and supportive of him and myself and the producing team. It’s early though.

I’m not fishing, I’m just interested.

Yeah, no, I’m interested too!

Because I guess in the books you would adapt things, but now that it’s in the script can you change it? After all, J.K. Rowling wrote that…

But even within the books there were more changes. Steve Kloves adapted those much more than people realised…

He adapted the hell of out them.

And I don’t know if he gets nearly enough credit for the job that he did, because it’s Jo Rowling, so it’s almost as though he’s a cipher. But he’s so much more. To capture the spirit, one. Two, make the changes so there’s a cohesion, a cinematic cohesion within a two and a half hour story. When you’re taking material that is so beloved, and that people have issues and agendas about every single piece of it, to actually be as decisive and create something as complete as he did… I mean, he is… We were very lucky.

So it looks like we’re to expect a lot of humour in Fantastic Beasts! Can’t wait!