Mugglenet Live: Expo Patronum

Leading Harry Potter fansite Mugglenet is hosting Expo Patronum, a fan event, this year in London, UK.

Taking place on Saturday 18th April 2015 at the Excel Centre, London, Expo Patronum invites fans to celebrate the past, present and future of the J.K. Rowlings’ Wizarding World. Tickets for the event are currently still available and can be purchased here.

As well as many of the actors being in attendance, Julie Tottman, the animal trainer of the film series will also be hosting demonstrations with a select few animals from the Harry Potter movies:

Julie Tottman with Hedwig, Crookshanks, & Fang*

Have you ever wondered how the animals within the Harry Potter series behaved so well? That would be thanks to animal trainer Julie Tottman. She began her career with animals directly out of school as a dog hairdresser. She got her start in film when she was asked to bring a few animals to a film set, where she fell in love with the work.

Julie has been an animal trainer for film and television since 1995 and is the head trainer for Birds & Animals Unlimited UK. She had to train and coach over 250 animals for the Potter films during the course of eight years of filming! Her favorite animals to work with in the films have been Crackerjack, who portrayed Hermione’s feline Crookshanks, and all of the dogs who played the parts of Hagrid’s loveable and wrinkled companion, Fang.

Julie won’t be joining in the autograph sessions, but as she will be on the floor interacting all day, you can ask her for autographs at any time. This also goes for the panels, so don’t be shy to go ask her about Fantastic Beasts in person!

This is a fantastic opportunity to find out how Fantastic Beasts will work, as far as filming animals goes,  so go check out the event and do let us know if you end up there!