Hogwarts Express Launch

Last night we attended the Hogwarts Express preview event at WB Studio Tour and we can tell you now, we were not dissappointed!

Just beyond the Dark Arts section a new corridor has been opened up which takes you straight along to King’s Cross station….magic! It really is easy to forget where you are whilst inside the new expansion as the enitre thing is a replica of Platform 9 3/4. Along with being able to see the actual Hogwarts Express, you are able to climb aboard one of the carriages and walk along the length of it. Inside this carriage are six seating areas set up with props from train scenes in the first six movies. Once you get off at the other end, you can walk straight across to a section of carriage seats with green screen windows  – here, you can sit down and watch the Muggle world go by, just like Harry and Ron did in Philosopher’s Stone.

Other parts to this new expansion include a brand new Platform 9 3/4 shop to buy your goodies before boarding the train to Hogwarts & an extra section of the train hidden away behind a wall which has the rather magnificent Hogwarts Express sweet trolley on display.

This expansion to the Tour is one that we cannot rate highly enough. When you step onto that Platform, you will never, ever want to leave.

Don’t just take our word for it, though, take a look at our photos:

You can buy tickets by clicking here, and this is not just an event – this is a permanent addition to the tour.