Fantastic Beasts To Be “adjacent” To Harry Potter

Thanks to SnitchSeeker, who attended the VIP Hogwarts Express Launch at ‘Warner Bros Studio Tour: The Making of Harry Potter‘ last night, we have a new snippet of information about the first Fantastic Beasts movie. This comes from Kevin Tsujihara, CEO of Warner Bros:

“[Fantastic Beasts] is really a wonderful gift ‎from [J.K. Rowling] to the fans, and we are a part of it. It is like Star Wars. It is not exactly a linear story but an adjacent story,” he told The Hollywood Reporter. “And Jo wrote [the film version of Beasts] herself, which is just absolutely amazing, and she is so talented. You see the passion that everyone has for the world that she has created, and it’s just fantastic to extend it.”

Tsujihara also paid tribute to Rowling: “Jo couldn’t be here tonight, but she’s here in spirit.” He added: “This place embodies the world of Harry Potter and brings it to life.”

When asked what else may be next for Leavesden, said Tsujihara: “Right now, we are focused on Fantastic Beasts. And Jo has a storyline in her head, and right now, we are letting her go [with it].”

Filming on the first movie is set to begin late this summer!