Casting Rumours & Characters

According to The Wrap & Hypable, the other four Fantastic Beasts lead characters (and possible actors) are:

-Tina: Described as “grounded.” Testing for this role are Saoirse Ronan (pictured above center), Dakota Fanning (above right), Allison Sudol, and Lili Simmons.

– Queenie: Tina’s older sister and described as a “bombshell.” Testing for this role are Kate Upton (above left), Katherine Waterston and Elizabeth Debicki

– Jacob: Described as Newt’s “rival,” testing for this role are Steve Zisis, Zack Pearlman and Dan Fogler.

This is in addition to the previous rumour of Eddie Redmayne being offered the role of Newt Scamander:

Though it’s unclear whether all of those actresses are available or even wish to pursue the project, several of them already have test deals in place, and Redmayne is expected to read alongside them during those tests, which are slated to take place over the next week.

Hopefully we’ll have more news and confirmation on this soon – as for now, please treat this as unconfirmed!