Katherine Waterston Comments on Her Casting

Katherine Waterston, who was recently cast to play Porpentina, Newt Scamander’s future wife, in Fantastic Beasts, spoke at her movie premiere for Queen of Earth about being cast in the role.


You just got cast in ‘Fantastic Beasts’! It’s insane, how excited are you?
Katherine Waterston: I want to smile really big because it gets me so excited but it feels like I have lipstick all over my teeth. Yes, it’s amazing news, I’m thrilled.

Eddie [Redmayne] just came off an Oscar, he’s going to get nominated again for ‘The Danish Girl’. Working with someone like that, and joining the J.K. Rowling universe, as an actress – does it get any cooler than that?
Katherine: I don’t think so. I’m still definitely in a state of absolute shock about it, so it sounds strange even hearing you say those names in any way in the context that I’m involved. It’s really far out.

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