Dan Fogler Talks Fantastic Beasts

Dan Fogler has broken his silence since being announced as playing Jacob in Fantastic Beasts.

He spoke to Comic Vine at the San Diego Comic Con last weekend, where he was promoting his newest comic book.



First of all congratulations on the big news – Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them

Yeah, man, Fantastic Beasts. I mean, I had all sorts of stuff lined up that we could talk  about, but that’s gotten just smashed to the side by Fantastic Beasts! That’s basically what I’ll be doing for a little while.

When we talked earlier, you said you’re going to have an accent, sort of

Yeah, i mean it’s like, somewhere in the..I think it’s somewhere in the Lou Costello 1920’s early-Brooklyn “How’ya girls doin’?” – I dunno, somethin’ like that! That’s what I’m imagining. It takes place in the early 20’s in New York – it’s a very fun era.

You remember it clearly?

I feel like I definitely have a past life that was there. I know how to do the Charleston pretty good – I’m not gonna do it!

You didn’t know that news was gonna break this weekend, or did you?

No idea. I was walking up here, hauling my boxes of comic books, just schlepping, sweating, ya know, and then my manager calls me up and was just like ‘oh, and by the way, now you’re part of this franchise’

I think I saw when you were on that phone conversation, cause I ran into you outside yesterday and I didn’t want to interrupt you, you were like, happy –

I was like, weeping

So it makes sense that, that must’ve been it!

I’m in shock

I’m in excitement?

I’m in excess of excitement right now


And thanks to Fantastic Beasts, and hopefully sequels [touch wood], we’ll have a lot more Moon Lake and comic books coming out of me.

This Fantastic Beasts thing has definitely changed the course in my career

Well the casting director’s made a  fantastic choice with you!


Filming on Fantastic Beasts is due to begin this August.