Sweets And Treats Event

Thanks to Warner Bros Studio Tour London, we got to be one of the first to experience their new event Sweets And Treats yesterday!

This event showcases how the prop department artists created the mouth-watering looking food for all eight Harry Potter movies and is running from July 20th – September 6th. All of these same techniques will be used on the Fantastic Beasts movies, which we were told concept work for is currently ongoing.

Most of the delicious treats created for the movies are a mixture of both real and fake food (though mainly fake for food nobody will be on-screen ‘eating’) – for example, the profiterole tower is made of real profiteroles (stale ones as they’re harder & sturdier) stuck on to a styrofoam inner, with fake chocolate ‘sauce’ made of resin to give it that smooth, shiny appearance.


A few more fun facts we learned:

It took 12 days to make a single fake apple

The butterbeer you see on screen was actually apple juice as it was the same colour – the butterbeer for set dressing had a layer of cotton on top to act as the foam

The ice cream towers are large, heavy “scoops” of a resin and glass mixture with a ring attached to keep them in place on a centered spoke

Even the cookies were fake in order to prevent food going off

All the sauces and syrups were made with resin as they look more appealing on camera than the real thing

Butterbeer icecream tastes amazing

You can view all our photos by clicking here!

All in all, this event is an incredible insight into the world of behind-the-scenes food preparation/making which we would highly recommend for you all to visit and see for yourselves. We cannot wait to see what foods they make for Fantastic Beasts and to play the game – real or fake?

Thank you again to Warner Bros Studio Tour for inviting us & don’t forget to book your tickets soon! You can do this by clicking here!