Fantastic Beasts Set In Late 1920’s

The press release Warner Bros issued today also had something else of note. It referenced the timeline of when the first movie takes place:

Academy Award winner Eddie Redmayne (“The Theory of Everything”) stars as Newt Scamander, the wizarding world’s preeminent magizoologist, who stops in New York following his travels to find and document magical creatures.

Following” his travels, meaning Newt has already completed his research for the book. Since he was first commissioned to write Fantastic Beasts in 1918, & it wasn’t published until 1927, this would put the movie somewhere around the 1925-26 mark perhaps? Meaning Newt would be in his late twenties, not early like we were first told.

Considering the age range of the main cast, it would make a lot more sense for Newt and Tina to be in their very late twenties.

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