Charity AMA With J.K Rowling

Harry Potter news site MuggleNet is challenging ‘Fantastic Beasts’ author JK Rowling to take part in a charitable Ask Me Anything.

The World’s Largest Harry Potter fansite has challenged Harry Potter author, JK Rowling, to take part in a question and answer session, also known as an Ask Me Anything or AMA, in support of her global charity Lumos.

Fans worldwide can support the challenge by making a charitable pledge on the crowdfunding platform, beginning on September 1st and running for 28 days (ending at midnight on September 29th). Fifty percent of each pledge will be processed immediately and sent to Lumos, the nonprofit beneficiary. The remaining 50% of each donation will be processed when JK Rowling accepts the challenge, allowing her to “double up” the contributions.

JK Rowling must accept the Challeng within the 28 day fundraising period, but due to her increasingly busy schedule, will be given a full six month window to complete the Challeng and take part in the Ask Me Anything.

Founded by J.K. Rowling, Lumos is an international charity that works to end the institutionalisation of millions of children around the world, placed in so called ‘orphanages’, separated from their families often as a result of poverty, disability and through a lack of access to services that help keep vulnerable families together.  In the last four years, the charity has supported the move of more than 12,000 children from harmful institutions to families or supported independent living, saved a further 644 children suffering from malnutrition, severe neglect or a lack of access to medical treatment, and trained more than 17,000 people on the issues, ranging from social workers and medical professionals, to civil servants and policy makers. Most recently Lumos launched its #LetsTalkLumos campaign, in a bid to further raise the profile of their cause on a global scale.

Full details on the event can be read here:

This is a fantastic opportunity to both donate to a worthy cause, and at the same time ask those burning Fantastic Beasts questions you have!

If you have any questions on donating, head to the event link here.