First Pottermore Set Report

The Pottermore Correspondent recently visited the Fantastic Beasts set to sit in on a scene being filmed. While nothing substantial is revealed, we did learn a few tiny things

We’re sitting in a huge, cavernous hangar in the half-light as beautifully dressed extras are shuffled into position.

….when Colin Farrell walks in – his floor-length black coat whipping at his feet. He’s taller than expected, or is it just his costume playing tricks?

Now, I can’t tell you exactly what goes down in this scene. Partly because I have no idea what’s going on and partly because it takes so long to get the perfect shot, we’re sitting there 25 minutes while the same frame is done over and over and over. But I do know this much: it’s a very important moment for Newt (Eddie), Tina (Katherine) and Graves (Colin) in New York. Very important indeed.

With perfect precision, Katherine Waterston gently places a significant object on the floor. Colin Farrell arches an eyebrow with extreme meaning. Other exquisitely dressed actors act and react to the same gestures until a fragment of the scene is done.

This process, according to an extremely reliable insider, happens over and over for hours and then days and then months until the minutes on film are stitched together in an editing suite to make Fantastic Beasts.

It’s time to walk the streets of New York in winter, without leaving the UK.

So here’s what we know from this “set report”:

•Colin Farrell’s character Graves wears a floor-length black coat

•There is an important scene involving Graves, Newt & Porpentina

•There is either an exchange between Newt/Tina & Graves, or an important demonstration for the purpose of enlisting help (most likely the latter due to there being an audience)

•The movie takes place in Winter

Due to recent castings, these are some other things we know:

•There is a bank scene

•We meet more Goblins

•There is an exterminator

•There are executioners

From the list above, we can stab a guess to there being an outbreak of some form of “Beast” that needs exterminating, and possible executing (as per Prisoner of Azkaban).


An extra (a young girl named Amy) for Fantastic Beasts appeared on the “Chris Evans Breakfast Show” yesterday morning and, while she could not say a single thing about the scene she filmed, we do find out that there were a lot of children in this scene. Where we meet Modesty, perhaps?

You can listen to the interview right here (it’s at the 59:50 mark)

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