Work Begins On Liverpool Set

Gearing up towards filming scenes from the first Fantastic Beasts movie, fake snow has been added to the steps of St. George’s Hall in Liverpool. While we were already aware that the film takes place in Winter, a passer-by of the buildings being prepped has said that Christmas decorations adorned an interior set – possibly pinpointing the movie to December.

Photos of the ongoing exterior construction on St George’s Hall can be seen below:


Along with construction work, vintage cars have been brought in bulk to the Liverpool set – note that some say Police Department on the side, giving clues to the type of scene being filmed:


Thanks to the Mirror, we also have photos of female extras dressed in flapper attire:


So, what can we gather from this? Fantastic Beasts will most likely take place in December of either 1925/26 & will have a formal occasion (wedding, perhaps?) where the police will show up.

Have any theories of your own? Let us know!