Casting Round-Up (UPDATED)

English actors Benjamin Martin & Karl Farrer have been cast as bankers in the upcoming first Fantastic Beasts movie.

As this makes three known cast bankers, we can assume there will be a bank scene in the first movie.


(Benjamin Martin & Karl Farrer respectively)

Also cast as a banker is Paul Munday, though his description is “MACUSA Banker” – possibly the name of the US bank branch?


In other casting news, a plethora of children have been cast as “tenement” occupants.

Here’s what one mother of cast girls had to say:

….with 1920’s short bobs to play the local “tenement” children in New York

….spent 2 days at the Warner Bros Studios in Leavesden for the role of local “tenement” girls in New York in 1920 and they loved it. They cannot wait to come back to the studios before the end of the year.

It’s interesting to note that all children so far revealed to be living in the tenements have been female – is this where we meet Modesty?


According to IMDB, a male New York socialite, a Higher Class Gentleman and a Gala Doorman & Waiter have all also been cast. This would lead us to believe that it was in fact a prestigious Gala (not a wedding as rumoured) that we saw characters entering in the filming outside St George’s Hall in Liverpool last week.

As well as this, previously known Alex Gibbons‘ character is now listed as being in a “work shop”, while Andy Mihalache has also been updated to confirm his character works for “Pentagram-International”, whom Tremayne Miller has also been cast as working for.

Matthew Roberts is also listed as playing Lieutenant M. Young, who we most likely meet outside the Gala mentioned above, where a lot of police are known to have congregated.