Eddie Redmayne Talks Fantastic Beasts

The Wall Street Journal recently interview Eddie Redmayne while promoting his new film The Danish Girl, and was briefly asked about Fantastic Beasts:

Is “Fantastic Beasts” easier to play, without all the physical changes?

I think it may just be my personality, but I always find a reason to worry. So with Stephen Hawking it was about letting down Stephen. With Lili’s story it’s about letting down the trans community. And with “Fantastic Beasts” it’s wanting to do justice to an extraordinary world that J.K. Rowling has created.

Do you have to deal with any live animals or just imaginary creatures?

There are some live animals. Dan Fogler [who plays Newt’s nonwizard friend] and I had to negotiate quite some epically-sized snakes the other day. We went, “Wait a second, can’t we CGI those in?”

Newt and Jacob battling snakes? Could these be the ashwinders we know are going to make an appearance? How will the no-maj, Jacob, handle a magical beast? Let us know your thoughts and theories on Twitter!