Jason Newell Cast As Sasquatch

Jason Newell has been cast as ‘The Sasquatch’ in the upcoming first Fantastic Beasts movie. This creature goes by the name ‘Yeti’ in the Fantastic Beasts book, with the description:

A native of Tibet, the Yeti is believed to be related to the Troll, though no one has yet got close enough to conduct the necessary tests. Up to fifteen feet in height,it is covered head to foot in purest white hair. The Yeti devours anything that strays into its path, though it fears fire and may be repulsed by skilled wizards.


(Jason Newell)

The Sasquatch make eight ‘beasts’ we know are going to appear in the first movie, to read about the other seven, click here!

In other casting news, Lucie Pohl has been cast as a secretary, though no other information is currently available on this character.


(Lucie Pohl)

The first Fantastic Beasts movie is set to be released November 18th 2016.