Pottermore Set Report #4

Pottermore have released another report from the set of first Fantastic Beasts movie where The Pottermore Correspondent acted as an extra (a No-Maj) in the background of a scene involving Colin Farrell (Graves) & Ezra Miller (Credence).

You can read the full report here, but here are some highlights:

Shimmy out of modern clothes. Stand still while a girl called Jess drapes you in a black and gold flapper dress, stockings and a fur-trimmed coat. Get in trouble with someone called Joy for calling the clothes ‘old’ not ‘vintage’.

Sit in the make-up chair and watch as the hair on your head disappears into a 1920s bun with crisp waves. Don’t flinch at all when an excellent stylist called Lou paints curls onto your face with actual glue. Get eyebrows and lips painted onto face.

Wait in an orderly line for costume designer Colleen Atwood to check every detail of your outfit. Wait excitedly as she finds you a black felt beret from her rows of vintage hats. Lose your mind with happiness when she slips a pair of round, tortoiseshell glasses onto your face

Follow instructions from an assistant director, stand neatly in line again for costume inspection. Wrap hair in a purple scarf to protect it from the rain. Walk carefully through shallow mud to the New York set. Wait outside the corner of ‘The Diner’.

Alternate between discreet background acting, waiting, whispering without actually making sound, watching David Yates direct the actors, listening to the camera guys talk, letting the make-up artists touch up your burgundy lips

So, what can we take from this? Graves, a powerful, high-up MACUSA Auror, is meeting Credence, son of Mary-Lou, a no-maj who founded the Second Salemers, an anti-wizard group.

Is Credence really a wizard in cohorts with Graves? Secretly spying on his mother’s group and passing information to the MACUSA?


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