Analysing the BTS Feature

A behind-the-scenes look at Fantastic Beasts was released late last night – for those of you who missed it, here is the full feature:


We’ve taken a look at some of the moments/scenes featured in this new footage – to read our thoughts, click the ‘Continue’ link below:



The opening scene shows the camera going up the staircase leading to the MACUSA (Magical Congress of the United States of America) lobby area – not strictly important, but does tell us exactly what stairs Queenie is heading up later.


Up the staircase and into the foyer of the MACUSA building, a statue akin to the ‘Fountain of Fair Fortune’ (which resides in the London Ministry of Magic) shows five figures – two adults holding onto a child, with two more adults opposite them. This is most likely a tribute to those lost during the Salem witch trials.



And there you have it – the way into the MACUSA building is, oddly enough, through the front door! If you look, there’s green screen behind the revolving door entrance to the Woolworth building, where the government also secretly resides. So, in order to get into the MACUSA, you have to have magical blood and go through the front revolving door. Simple!



What’s odd about this scene is that the quartet are standing outside the Woolworth building (which we know houses the wizarding government) and, while Newt looks to be on the hunt, both Tina and Queenie are smiling as they race off. Apart from this, we also have a great look at Tina’s wand, which is very similar to Newt’s, along with a look at the back of Newt’s infamous blue coat!



Alison Sudol (Queenie) informs us that “you have two sisters who have raised each other and have a very deep bond”. When you couple this with the fact that Fanny Carbonnel, who was cast as their mother, is younger than both Alison and Katherine, we have to assume that Mrs Goldstein was only in a very small portion of their lives. Carbonnel will likely appear in photographs or flashbacks.



What bit Jacob? It must’ve been bad judging by the blood, tears and how he ended up in (what looks like) Tina & Queenie’s apartment, instead of just being simply obliviated. So, what bites?



Here we learn than “Jacob is back from the war and now he’s trying to get his life together and open up a bakery”. He’s standing outside a building, holding a briefcase, and thinking about his dreams. Which leads us to:



Now Jacob, who is looking very happy with himself, is inside the building and about to show a senior member of staff (judging by the room) the contents of his briefcase. What we think is going on here is Jacob is in a bank looking for a loan to set up his dream bakery business and get him out of the factory he currently works in. This may also be the moment where Jacob opens the case and releases some of the Beasts (as we know he does, but not how he winds up with Newt’s case).

Aside from this, can we take it that Mr. Gilbert Bingley is the bank manager? We think so.



Chronologically speaking, we think this scene is after the release of the Beasts, and not the first time Jacob & Newt meet, judging by the post-exercise lack of Newt’s dickie-bow and Jacob no longer handling a briefcase.



In a previous scene, Tina had been poking around this very room with her wand – evidently looking for something. Judging by the body language and the fact the briefcase/cage is in the center of the room, the quartet are obviously found one of the beasts and are attempting to put it back in its case. The question is, what beast is it? And what is that thing lying on the floor in front of the case?



We have so many questions about this scene. Namely, is this an actual movie scene, or are Dan and Alison just messing around on a break and happened to get caught? We genuinely don’t know which we’d prefer it to be, but either way, we love it. More of this, and these two together, please!



Oh. Speaking of cute moments, here is the start of a beautiful thing (and the all-important Hufflepuff scarf)! While we already know these two end up getting married, it’s quite reassuring to see their relationship blossom in this movie, and not have to wait until the next one for it to happen.



Nothing movie scene related, but look at them all together! Warner Bros sure know what the fans want!



Now, here is the aforementioned staircase that Queenie is heading up….with Newt’s briefcase? Why on earth is Queenie running up the steps of the MACUSA lobby with Newt’s briefcase? We know Tina has it when she informs Seraphina, the MACUSA representative of what has happened, so is this a time after that? before? did Tina simply not have it going into the assembly? So many questions!



Be still our beating hearts. While we are extremely curious as to what Newt is showing Tina that deserves that face, we would like to focus more on her dress and make-up which clearly shows she’s going out. We know there’s a speakeasy scene, and jazz and dancing, but we didn’t know who would be in those scenes – this at least gives us the hope that we’ll see Tina doing the Charleston!



And finally, back to that bleeding Jacob scene – is it just us or does he look completely out of it here? He’s either in complete shock at the sight of Tina performing magic in front of him (presumably to heal him), or he’s under a spell to freeze him like that while she performs magic. Either way, we need answers!


What do you think? Agree? Disagree? Have your own theories? Let us know on Twitter!