Trailer 2 Analysis

The second Fantastic Beasts trailer was released early this morning & for those of you who missed it, here’s the full video:

Our analysis and personal conjecture of the trailer is after the jump:


We open up the trailer with a shot of Newt aboard a boat, travelling on his own to New York with his trusted suitcase.

Oh dear. While standing in a group of people on his way to customs, a creature tries to make a break for it from Newt’s case. We wonder is he always this careless about locking the magical side of the briefcase?

Next up we see Newt and Jacob in a small wooden garden-house-type room. We imagine this is Newt’s work space and is where he leads Jacob to later on in the trailer (see the stairs leading into the room from above).

Our main question is why is there a large hunk of raw meat on the table? and are those dead animals hanging from the ceiling?

What is this whispy substance Newt is extracting? Possibly something similar to bubotuber pus which has magical healing properties – we think Jacob might be there in order to heal those bite marks on his neck.

“Kicked out of Hogwarts for endangering human life with a beast, yet one of your teachers argues strongly against your expulsion. I wonder, what makes Albus Dumbledore so fond of you, Mr Scamander?”

Oh boy. So Newt was expelled from Hogwarts? Did he get his Hogwarts expulsion revoked & finish his exams? If not, how come he retained his wand? why would the Ministry hire him without finishing school? and if it was overturned, then why were the details of this overturned expulsion on his ‘record’?

The gang hit up a speakeasy & we’re not sure where to look – at Tina in her stunning dress, at Newt’s expressions looking at the man to the side, or Jacob’s utter awkwardness at trying not to be spotted as a No-Maj

Now here is where the fun begins. We arrive at a bank which is presumably where Jacob took Newt’s case (see the behind-the-scenes footage) and some beasts escape.

I think that face means we’re right about some Beasts escaping. Cue the rampage of a Niffler in a bank!

Back to the beginning of the movie and Newt’s arrival in New York. Even wizards have to go through customs and immigration, especially when travelling from a great distance where Apparition would be dangerous (i.e over an ocean).

Alright, so we now know that this is Newt’s first time in America. This must mean he has yet to discover some beasts native to America, such as the Clabbert….or is he lying to the Customs Officer about more than the contents of his suitcase?

And again! This case really doesn’t want to stay locked. Though, to be fair, this is literally a few minutes after the original time when a Niffler stuck its claws out, so maybe Newt just hasn’t noticed until now? Good to know they can unlock the clasps from the inside, though. Also, shouldn’t the creatures be in their habitat compartments? How is this one so close to the surface? Possibly due to Newt’s ‘affection’ towards this particular Niffler which we’ve been told previously (side note: the Niffler makes a really cute noise)

So THIS is how Newt switches his case between magical and non-magical. Absolutely love that he actually added a “Muggle Worthy” clip to the mechanism just to make sure he’s accessing the right part (we wonder if creatures escaping happened many times before he added that?)

The contents of Newt’s case – a pair of binoculars, a Hufflepuff scarf, an alarm clock, a map with two locations circles, a New York City map, a magnifying glass, a pair of gloves, pyjamas, a notebook, a handkerchief, and what we assume is a spare shirt.

If only we could take a closer look at that map & notebook!

Welcome to the MACUSA! Firstly, there is a massive portrait of the MACUSA President, Seraphina Picquery, dressed in her official robes, hanging from the ceiling. Next, we have six clock faces hanging over the stairs to the lobby, each displaying a different timezone and each seeming to have a pulley system dangling from them. The scene: a whole flank of brown-coated individuals are running down the stairs and out of the MACUSA building while a group of black-coated people watch from the far side.

1) the brown coated workers are likely the Aura – magical CSI police who investigate the beasts’ crime scenes in the hunt for them and Newt. 2) something maor just happened with regards to Newts escaped beasts.

Here we see Tina and Newt reading The New York Ghost, a newspaper for the magical community in New York, in the lobby of the MACUSA. Judging by the text and it being the “Sunset Final Edition”, we would gather that this came out after Newt’s beasts have escaped & before he ends up on the run from Graves.

1) The date on the paper is Monday 6th December 1926, telling us the exact date Newt enters New York and the story begins.

2) Famous dark wizard Grindelwald is on the rise:

“International Wizard Hunt Intensifies – I.W.P increases surveillance activities around the world. London Ministry of Magic increases bounty to 1,000 Galleons

A heading underneath this says “For The Greater Good?” while another underneath that says “Slaughter Of No-Majes”

“Gellert Grindelwald International Wizard Hunt Intensifies”

3) On the front page we see “Magical Disturbances Risk Wizarding Exposure – MACUSA on maximum alert. International Confederation of Wizards called for emergency meeting”

“President Seraphina Picquery to address fearful American wizarding community”

4) In other news:

Under Culture – “Whizzjazz takes New York by storm”

“Federal Bureau of covert vigilance and no-maj obliviation – record penalties issued”

“Threat Levels of Magical Exposure (from 1913 to 1926)”

“REWARD of 3,500 dragots for the ARREST of ALBERTO MACELLARIUS (a.k.a The Rat) Counterfeiting wands and murder. Bearing wand and extremely dangerous.

Okay, let’s start off this scene by saying please go to 1:07 in the trailer and watch how Jacob looks at Queenie, and vice-versa in the next shot. We are officially naming them Jeenie and we ship it.

On the other hand, Jacob knows at this stage that Queenie is a legilimens and can read his thoughts, so they could just be having a little (one-sided) mental-conversation….but we prefer our Jeenie theory.

Back to the scene where the gang are all dressed up in an alleyway & on their way to the magical speakeasy we saw them in earlier. Cue Diagon Alley-type magic where the bricks in the wall move to reveal a door! We wonder what the password is? Tina and Queenie are obviously familiar with the establishment (note that alcohol was only prohibited for muggles, the magical community were still legally allowed to drink as long as it was hidden from the no-maj).

We may be stretching here, but do you see that figure to the left of the picture dressed in a terracotta (?) coloured suit? We think that might be our first look at Ezra Miller as Credence. The character is exiting the Diner where we know Credence goes (and speaks to Graves about Newt), and his suit does stand out a but from the greys and greens around him. Again, stretching, but we think it looks like him!

Here we get a glimpse of the scene we saw filming in Liverpool a few months back. Senator Henry Shaw and his father pose for photographs outside the entrance to  Senator Shaw’s Gala. In the background you can see members of the New Salem Philanthropic Society, who we imagine either Senator Shaw supports, or is the elected political leader for.

Back we go into Tina & Queenie’s apartment where we get to see a wonderful amount of Jacob’s facial expressions as he sees the girls performing magic while preparing dinner.

Now to the Gala where Senator Shaw is making a speech when disaster occurs. First the chandeliers start to explode, followed by giant vases of flowers being knocked over, with seemingly no explanation. Back to this in a minute.

Introducing Faith Wood-Blagrove as Modesty. Firstly, we really wish we could make out what she throws up into the air. Secondly, is that a green screen door to the side?

Colin Farrell as Graves, chief Auror to the MACUSA President. Are those insects on his tie clips?

It seems the Aurors & Auras eventually catch up with Newt & Tina (where are Queenie and Jacob?)

In a desperate attempt to escape being captured himself, Newt intentionally releases a brand new beast – called the Swooping Evil. We don’t expect that to end well for the Aurors.

Seriously, just look at that face. What we know about it: A large, blue and green winged butterfly-like creature that emerges from a small object, possibly a cocoon.

At the Gala, a seemingly invisible force is throwing back everyone and everything in the room. Our theory is a Demiguise is loose and feeling provoked enough to attack (they’re usually shy creatures). Either that or a spell is at play, though we don’t see this being too likely.

Enter the Auras & Aurors to the speakeasy the gang were just in. No fun allowed for the quartet, apparently. (is that firewhisky on the table?)

Is Graves casting a spell on a beast or Newt? The sign says City Hall, so this is likely just after the attack inside the Senator’s gala dinner.

Our first full look at a Niffler! As seen inside the bank with a woman’s purse. Still cute.

The cops are outside the gala dinner after the explosion – we wonder what beast they see emerge? Perhaps it wasn’t a Demiguise (invisible), maybe it was an Erumpent? Either way, those guns won’t help.

Two questions. Why is Newt jumping off a building in order to apparate, and why is he alone?

Check out Madam Picquery! The woman beside her is also an Aura, which is why we’re assuming some of the brown-coats are Aura’s, not all Aurors.

Poor Newt can’t sleep. This would be the very first night he spends in New York, and…in Tina’s bed, no less!

A few things: a) how cute and just so normal is it that Jacob is sitting in (Queenie’s) bed, drinking hot chocolate and reading a book? (Book titled “Cassandra and her cat Gustavus”). There’s also a book on the shelf entitled “Living with Legimency: Choose Your Mind Wisely” (shouldn’t that be Legilimency?), and on her bedpost there seems to be a tarot type hand hanging by some string.

Here’s where we see Newt going down the stairs in the suitcase – which leads to the work space we saw himself and Jacob in earlier




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