Fantastic Beasts Event In Japan

Tomorrow, April 28th, Warner Bros Japan will be hosting a Fantastic Beasts event which they say will be showing brand new footage. The event will be hosted at the Shinjuku Piccadilly theater in Tokyo and starts at 7:30pm:

Advanced ticket with special poster will be sold and participants who cosplay and buy the ticket at the venue will get pressbook, but the ticket is limited to 1000.

First 1000 arrivals can get special card with backstage pass to the Japanese premiere where you get to meet the cast. On August 1st, the winner will be announced.

First 200 arrivals can join the screening of new footage and the lottery to win tickets to the Japanese premiere.


It’s also worth noting that a Japanese Fantastic Beasts premiere is currently planned, but not officially decided on:


The winner will be the one person. Per winner for one person, backstage pass will be of two people present. (1 set for 2 people invitation)

Japan event date and time is undecided, but it is scheduled for November. Members of cast & staff is undecided.

For various reasons, the premiere coming to Japan may be canceled. Please be forewarned. In that case, we will guide you separately present content.



Thank you so much to HPInfoJapan for letting us know about this (and translating!)!

If you plan on attending tomorrow night, do get in touch with us on Twitter!



It seems the footage shown at the event was what had been previously shown at CinemaCon, but with an added voice-over from Dan Fogler and Alison Sudol for the Japanese fans. As well as this, some of the fans received a ‘goody bag’ with a copy of a poster signed by Eddie Redmayne with a special message to the fans there. These can be seen in our gallery:

Photo credit to HPInfoJapan, HP&FB Fankoudukiryu0109HarukaProtego and muuuutsuki114.