Ilvermorny Houses Revealed

Thanks to Ian, we now know the names of the four Ilvermorny school houses. For those of you who’ve forgotten, Ilvermorny is the name of the North American Wizarding School which Porpentina and Queenie attended (the American equivalent of Hogwarts). The names of the houses are :

1)Horned Serpent





Not only this, but an Ilvermorny sorting quiz is in the makings on Pottermore:

Someone on Reddit started digging through Pottermore’s source code recently and discovered a javascript file that runs the sorting quizzes on the site. The code has a reference to an upcoming “Ilvermorny Sorting Ceremony,” and it names the four houses. Hypable has verified that the following code lives on Pottermore’s servers


The four houses are named after ‘fantastic beasts’, and, while we havn’t come across the Horned Serpent or Pukwudgie yet, the Thunderbird and Wampus Cat were already revealed to us during J.K Rowling’s “History of Magic in North America” stories.