Feature 1 Analysis

In case you missed it yesterday, a brand new Fantastic Beasts Feature was released, entitled ‘A New Hero’, which you can watch below:

Our full breakdown is after the jump, just click ‘Continue’ below & all of our screencaps can be seen here:





The Breakdown

We’ll mainly be looking at the new scenes in this breakdown, though screencaps for the whole thing are available in our gallery.



Let’s start off with Newt, Tina and Jacob all arrested and kneeling in front of President Picquery of the MACUSA, along with what looks to be a full trial. Considering they’re on a pentagram (and we know people have been cast as Pentagram members), we’re going to go ahead and assume that this is a trial in front of the Pentagram, which may be the American equivalent of the Wizengamot in England, and the International Confederation of Wizards. You can also see Graves sitting to the back left of the picture.



Same scene with the trio under arrest in the MACUSA. Now, take a look at the way the people to the left are dressed in tuxedos – is this after the Gala in aid of Senator Shaw (the one that things get blown up in)? While Tina looks scared, Newt looks absolutely devastated – could this be where the executioner comes in? Are his beasts also on trial?

What is interesting here is that Jacob has also been arrested and brought to the MACUSA building – a No Maj has been brought inside the hub of magical activity in the Unites States at a time where magical folk could barely speak to a non-magical. Why didn’t they just wipe his memory? Or…have they? Is that why Jacob looks so vacant?

Furthermore, where is Queenie? The only time she really appears in this feature (in old footage) is when we see her coming around a corner in the MACUSA building – is she sneaking in to save the day? In the BTS footage we see her going up the stairs into the lobby of the MACUSA with Newt’s case – this is likely where that ties in and why she was alone with it.



Graves with his spider tie clips and…we can’t really make out what symbol is on his tie. He’s also inside the trial room, though we think this may be from the first time Tina enters as he doesn’t have the grazes on his cheek we’ve seen in the Behind-The-Scenes feature previously (when he’s standing inside the blow-apart apartment). He’s also in the wrong position for this to be the same scene as the trio being arrested.



Newt and Tina are looking very emotional here in what looks to be the docks where Newt gets on a boat to leave. Is this the goodbye scene at the end? Is Newt leaving without Tina?



Also of note is Tina’s wardrobe change into a smart new suit we havn’t seen before. Does this mean she was reinstated as an Auror? Would the quartet have had to do something major for that to happen? Expose the NSPS of creating dangerous situations for scaremongering? So many theories!





Newt can be seen here mixing up a salve for poor Jacob’s neck bite. We’ve seen this scene before, though without the tablets and use of plants. We can also make out that one of the bottles on the table says ‘balm’.



If you take a look at this scene compared to the version that was previously released, you’ll notice the digital addition of the ‘SHAW’ poster, and also American flags as Newt walks down the street. This is the same place where we’ve previously suspected Graved meet Credence (in the Diner to the left).



Street view. If you check out the signpost closest on the right, you’ll notice it says ‘Orchard Street’ – which is where the Tenement Museum that Pottermore visited is. From that article, and the BTS footage of Jacob walking down a similar street, we think this is where Jacob lives. In fact, this could be where we first meet Jacob – him walking to the bank with his case full of pastries before he bumps into Newt, their cases get switched and Jacob ends up opening Newt’s case inside the bank.



Here is our second look at inside Newt’s case – this time not his study, but of the many ‘habitats’ he’s created for the creatures he’s caught. It almost looks like a stage production of a far away country (ie Middle East/African countries) – also look at the sheer amount of horns he has. We wonder if any are Erumpent horns (likely not seeing as how fragile/destructive they are) or other creatures we’ve yet to discover?



This cheeky little Bowtruckle is either living in the same habitat as the picture above, or Newt has brought him in here for some reason. If the former, we wonder what wand trees would be growing here? Bowtruckles are also made of bark and twigs – so this one is possible a baby Bowtruckle, which would also explain the way Newt speaks to it.



Newt looks so happy here. This has the feeling of being towards the end of the movie, after the frantic goings on – or else after he invites Jacob down to heal him. Perhaps it’s Jacob he’s smiling at…or perhaps it’s Tina #WeShipNewtina

He has also ditched his famed blue coat (we’re sure it’s rather warm down there) to reveal his rather sportly jacket and pocket square.



While we originally thought that this scene where Newt picks up the NSPS pamphlet was outside the Gala dinner, this seems to actually be outside the Woolworth building which doubles as MACUSA headquarters.



Tina looks to her left and spots Newt as he makes his way through the crowd. Judging from the look on her face, we reckon she was following him – possibly after the beasts escaped from the bank.

Things to note: 1) She’s also holding an NSPS booklet & 2) the mustard on her face



Here we see Tina bringing Newt into the MACUSA (by force – look at that arm hold). If you look closely, you’ll see the mustard still on her lip, so this must be pretty immediately after them being outside & therefore likely they were standing outside of the Woolworth building.


Nothing really of note here except to say this is the second time one of the mains has looked directly into the camera, and into our soul.

Also, this is inside Jacob’s apartment, not Tina & Queenie’s, as we already know what their bedroom looks like.



We wonder who’s in the photograph – Jacob’s mother? grandmother? As well as that, we wonder if that’s a locket Tina is wearing throughout the film, and if it houses a photo of her late mother?



This scene is right after Jacob gets bitten on the neck – he’s looking pretty faint & there’s blood on Tina’s hand. Interestingly, the blood is on Tina’s right fingers, but the bite is on the right side of Jacob’s neck, meaning she likely came from behind and touched it that way – maybe she found him in this position?

Also, look at that offended face. Jacob/Dan Fogler has the best facial expressions and we can’t wait to see more!



Here’s Jacob looking a bit terrified of Newt’s case which he’s been left alone with …even after the bank incident. Newt is a bit reckless, isn’t he?

If you look at Jacob’s face you can tell this is before he was bitten, so this is right before he opens the case again and releases some more of Newt’s creatures (and possibly the one that destroys his apartment where we see Graves standing in other footage).



Back to the bank where Jacob first opened the case. Why is Newt in a section that’s closed? He’s looking awfully shifty – our guess is he just caught the Niffler and put him back in the case, when someone calls him…



Jacob appears down the hall and Newt whips out his wand from inside his coat sleeve (is that not uncomfortable?)



“..your egg is hatching!”

I believe this is an Occamy egg that starts to hatch in poor Jacob’s hand:

The Occamy is found in the Far East and India. A plumed, two-legged winged creature with a serpentine body, the Occamy may reach a length of fifteen feet. It feeds mainly on rats and birds, though has been known to carry off monkeys. The Occamy is aggressive to all who approach it, particularly in defence of its eggs, whose shells are made of the purest, softest silver.

Now, bear with me here. In the scene earlier with the Bowtruckle, we saw Newt in a habitat that looked something like a desert in the Far East. He looked SO happy in that scene – maybe it wasn’t him looking at Tina, maybe it was Newt seeing a creature being born. He could also have been making food for the baby Occamy in that giant pestal and mortar we saw him working with.



Newt quickly reacts to the news of the egg hatching, summons Jacob by use of his wand, and they both disapparate right out of the bank, even with all those No-Maj’s around!



Newt & Tina are on the run from Graves and the other Aurors. The guy in white at the door looks like a confused worker as the duo run past (caseless – is this just before they get caught?). This scene leads right up to the one with the Swooping Evil.



Graves is amongst the group of Aurors chasing Newt & Tina underground. Let’s just take a moment to admire that coat though



Here is our very first close-up shot at whatever’s causing the damage at Senator Shaw’s Gala. Considering the fact that there is absolutely nothing there, we are going to assume that it’s not a wizard, but a beast that has yet to be digitally edited in. We still think this is an Erumpent!

And that’s it! Do let us know what you think of our analysis/breakdown/theories of the feature over on Twitter!