Google Launch Fantastic Beasts App

Google, in collaboration with Warner Bros, have today launched a Fantastic Beasts landing page app for androids (though perfectly accessible from a computer).



Once given access to your phone, you can use Ok Google to ‘cast spells’ such as Lumos and Nox to turn on and off your phone’s torch & Silencio to turn off the phone’s ring tone and its notifications.

In addition to this, a Fantastic Beasts sticker pack will soon be available to download for Google’s messaging app ‘Allo’ as well as Daydream Virtual Reality being available through ‘Virtual Magic’ later this month.

For now though, you can use Google Maps to view the inside of four key locations from Fantastic Beasts – The Goldstein sisters’ apartment; The Steen National Bank; The Blind Pig; and The MACUSA. Just click the image below to explore: