Liverpool Fantastic Beasts Premiere

Tomorrow night, November 15th, will not only play host to the London European premiere of the first Fantastic Beasts movie, but also a special premiere in Liverpool, solely for the extras and background actors who appear in the film:

Excitement is mounting as Supporting Artistes gather for a “Fantastic Beast” of an evening at a Special Premiere in Liverpool on 15 November at the Odeon Liverpool One.
The specially invited guests will arrive from 18:45hrs for the film showing at 19:00 – 21:15hrs after which they will immediately go to the After-Show Party at TGI Friday’s.
The guests, all Supporting Artists (and their partners) will get to walk a red carpet and network with other SAs and VIPs on the way into the cinema and then onward to the after-show party, again with a red carpet sparkling reception.  The evening dress code is themed to match the style of the film, so expect to witness some glamour on the red carpet.
This is their night to shine like the true stars they are – let’s face it, without them we would have no atmosphere or depth, these guys and gals are not just extras, these are the ones who act and react in the background, doing minor stunts, falls, crawling, running, playing drunk and showing fear and panic as they run for their lives, all so that we can watch in awe on the edges of our seats.
“Fantastic Beasts and where to find them” is the first in a new series of films from J.K.Rowling and Warner Bros, all of which are prequels to the Harry Potter series but still with all that magical charm that will keep audiences coming back time and again for more.

If you’re in Liverpool tonight, why not head down to check it out & let us know on Twitter!