Jude Law Comments on Dumbledore Casting

Jude Law has made his first comments since being cast as a younger (aged 45) Albus Dumbledore in the Fantastic Beasts movie series.

Well my first port of call, I hope, is to meet J.K Rowling and to talk exactly about that [Dumbledore’s sexuality] and find out who he is and who she wants him to be and learn a little bit more about her vision of this great man as a young man.

Q: Are you intimidated/put-off/excited by the fans?

Oh! Oh no, only excited. Only excited by the whole prospect, yeah. Curious, excited…. actually no that’s a good point. I think all good jobs have an element of fear amongst them because you want to do well by it. You want to please, not everyone; you want to please people and you want to please yourself.

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