Crimes Of Grindelwald SDCC Poster

In anticipation of tomorrow’s Crimes of Grindelwald panel and trailer release at San Diego Comic Con, a poster for the event, designed by MinaLima has now been released. Just click the photo to see it in our gallery!


Now let’s break it down to see all the many clues they’ve added:

“The fate of one will change the future of all”

Is that a prophecy? If so, is it from the one we see Rosier holding in the first trailer? and who is it about?


Next up we have Grindelwald’s escape, a snake (Maledictus), the French Ministry & Hogwarts


The magical Circus Arcanus, the French Ministry, possibly Trafalgar Square? & The Deathly Hallows

Does Grindelwald have an insignia? Here we see what looks to be his emblem: Two G’s (Gellert Grindelwald/Greater Good) back to back with the elder wand between & forming the deathly hallows sign underneath:

And finally, we have our first look at a lot of the film’s characters:

Dumbledore, Grindelwald, the Maledictus & Credence and Leta & Theseus (along with a first look at our Fantastic Beasts quartet together):


What do you think of the new poster? We also have a breakdown over on Twitter so come join the discussion and let us know your thoughts & theories!