Review: Creatures – A Paper Scene Book

I’d like to just prelude this review by telling you all that this book was kindly gifted to us by the incredibly generous Insight Editions, the creators of this book. However, they didn’t ask me to say anything about it so this is a fully honest review after having read it!

Now, to jump right into it – today marks 5 days until the release of Crimes of Grindelwald in cinemas and I can think of no better way to continue the countdown than to read/stare at this magnificent book about the magical creatures in the Harry Potter films, but not just any book; a paper scene book.


Honestly, pictures do not do this book justice, you really need to get this book and see them in person. I was not expecting the paper scenes to be so beautiful. They’re so intricate and detailed:


Each paper scene has three layers to it – two which pop out, plus the background. All the scenes have different colour schemes such as blues for underwater with the grindylows or reds for the scene of Harry battling the dragon during the Triwizard Tournament


I won’t show the whole book as it genuinely needs to be seen in person as these pictures don’t show you the true dimensions of the scenes

but bringing it back to The Crimes of Grindelwald, we have a section all about Thestrals:



There are also written pieces about all the magical creatures (or, fantastic beasts, if you will), from Acromantulas to Unicorns and even Dementors and Inferi



This is the kind of book you leave open on a shelf for display purposes, showing one of the paper scenes (the Forbidden Forest is my personal favourite) – it’s genuinely that beautiful to look at.

Also, as an extra bonus, Insight Editions include a newsletter sign-up card inside the book with some gorgeous Hogwarts artwork by Kevin Wilson that would make a wonderful addition to any Wizarding collection on its own. Just look at it:


I really hope they come out with a Fantastic Beasts version in the near future as I think it would be incredible to see more of these types of books/art work. For now, though, you can buy this Creatures Paper Scene Book right here (currently on offer for £15.51 so grab it fast!)


Let us know over on Twitter if you’re planning on buying this book, if you already have it, or which other books you’re reading in the run up to the Crimes of Grindelwald release next week!