Wizarding World Digital: Wizarding Passport

Only minutes ago, Wizarding World Digital went live and account registration is now open.

The website itself is still pretty bare at the moment, but the one thing that is live is a section called your ‘Wizarding Passport’. This is basically your profile on the site but apparently is also the place where you’ll be notified of new things to unlock when the times comes.

If you log in using your Pottermore account details, your Name, House (Hogwarts, not Ilvermorny), Wand & Patronus will all populate.

The new section in your Passport is called your Favourites:

Here, you have five categories (Characters, Spells & Potions, Places & Transport, Beasts & Beings, Quidditch Teams, Objects & Food), with each having a list to choose from:

All of the lists include options from both the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts franchises, though obviously not complete lists themselves.

While the new Wizarding World website is currently bare apart from letting you create an account, I do have to say that the graphics are rather beautiful and I hope that it’s a good sign of things to come. I also very much appreciate just how merged the two franchises are in the options available – there’s no segregation of ‘fandoms’. It’s all the one Wizarding World.

Head on over yourself to take a look and then let us know over on Twitter what you think!

We’ll hopefully be back with another update soon.