Wizarding World App Now Available

The official Wizarding World App has just landed for fans in Ireland, the UK, the US, and Canada (previously available in Australia and New Zealand for Beta).

All you have to do is either head over to the App Store or Google Play and search ‘Wizarding World App’, or, alternatively, click the link in the email you would have received.

Once you’re logged in with your Wizarding World passport (if you haven’t created one yet, log in with your Pottermore details), you can begin exploring.

The app is updated daily with either a quote, ‘on this day’, a fact, poll, quiz or an article. All of which you’ll find on Pottermore already so nobody who doesn’t have access yet is currently missing out.

There are some cool features to the app, such as The Vault, which unfortunately isn’t open yet, but will presumably be the host to competitions, event details and such.

The other feature is accessed through the Discovery tab – the key in the right hand corner of the screen. Here you type in ‘secret codes’ that you find through the app’s feature articles (the current codes are in all caps).

Currently all the ‘secret codes’ give the same message, with different images. The most notable being, type in BADGER and you’ll see a brand new Newt Scamander Crimes of Grindelwald photoshoot image:

As great as it is for Warner and Pottermore to finally be releasing these images to us, it’s a great shame it’s through the app in a way that we can’t actually see the full images. If you’ll look for yourself you’ll notice writing across them all and no way to see them without (I’ve edited the above image).

It’s incredibly unfortunate and I hope their future ‘exclusive releases’ won’t continue this way, but only time will tell.