All Aboard The Knight Bus – Wizards Unite

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic which has left many players at home in lockdown, Niantic has been swift to implement Wizard Unite’s newest feature – The Knight Bus.

The Knight Bus will be an option on your map which will bring you to the new Hogwarts Castle Fortress, completely playable from home:

Have you been itching to get back into Wizarding Challenges but find yourself without a means of magical conveyance to faraway Fortresses? Then look no further, as a timely new way to bring the magic closer to you is here. Introducing the Knight Bus!

Rather than extending your wand hand and waiting at the curb, simply tap on the new Knight Bus button from the Map view. Hang on tight, as the Knight Bus will instantly whisk you away to a Fortress at Hogwarts Castle where you can use Runestones to take on a variety of Foes, just like in a standard Fortress.

The Knight Bus will be available to players level 7 and above and will begin rolling out soon, so keep an eye out for the latest game update. For those ambitious players already thinking about their future Fortress forays, fear not, as the Knight Bus is here to stay.

Just like the iconic Knight Bus itself, we hope this new feature will come to the aid of players and help them get back into one of their favourite aspects of the game from the safety of their homes.

UPDATE: As of today, April 23rd, the Knight Bus has been rolled out to all Wizards Unite players level 7 and above. Just make sure you’ve updated your app to the newest version and downloaded all assets.