Fantastic Beasts 3 Filming Has Begun

Rumours have started to spread today that Fantastic Beasts 3 has already begun filming in Leavesden Studios. Though there is no official word, I can personally confirm through my own sources that the third film in the franchise has been filming this week.

As to why there has been no official word or press release as of yet, I can only speculate that Warner Bros has decided to restart production quietly in case something went wrong again in regards to the Covid-19 situation. The lockdown in March was the second time filming had been pushed back.

In similar news, also we have some new shots of the Fantastic Beasts sets in Leavesden as you can see from the Studio Tour carpark:

Update September 15th:

In a new interview, Jude Law has officially confirmed that he has begun filming Fantastic Beasts 3:

Update September 18th:

With thanks to Ella on Twitter, who spoke to an interactor at the Studio Tour today, we now know that a Fantastic Beasts 3 scene was filmed last week on the Hogwarts Bridge located in the Studio backlot.

It looks like Hogwarts scenes in Fantastic Beasts 3 are now confirmed.

So tell us – are you excited for filming to be underway? Have some theories on who would be on that bridge or why? Come join in the hype and discussions in our Fantastic Beasts discord!