News Round-Up: January 2021

18th: Dan Fogler Quote

In an interview with Mads Mikkelsen for Fogler’s Fiction Fest, Dan Fogler told the audience that Jacob and Grindelwald have a scene together in the upcoming third Fantastic Beasts film. He also confirmed that Grindelwald’s heterochromia will remain with the change of actor.

20th: Eddie Redmayne Quote

In an interview with Variety, Eddie Redmayne spoke about having to film water scenes outdoors in the middle of winter due to the pandemic postponing filming for much of 2020:

“I can’t tell you anything other than the fact that I think I’ve got some night shoots in Watford, in Leavesden, that we were meant to shoot in the summer in water. But now obviously because of lockdown, and the film shutdown, they’re being shot in early December. And suddenly you find yourself swimming outdoors in British winter.”

The actual interview date is unknown but this interview will be published in the upcoming edition of Variety.

26th: Casting Update: Richard Coyle

During an Instagram live actor Richard Coyle (best known as Father Faustus Blackwood from the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina) officially confirmed that he is part of the new Fantastic Beasts 3 cast and has been working on the film for the past five months:

“I’ve been working on something for about five months and I’m not really allowed to tell anybody either but… I can say what I’m doing. I’m doing Fantastic Beasts, but I can’t say anything. Hence this [handlebar moustache and beard].”

His role is still currently under wraps.

27th: Mads Mikkelsen Quote

While on the Happy Sad Confused podcast, Mads Mikkelsen spoke briefly about discussing Grindelwald’s character with the creatives behind Fantastic Beasts 3:

“We had a Skype meeting and we talked about the story, the character and it seems everyone was agreeing very much how to approach it with the change we were dealing with now.”

28th: Set Photos Confirmed

I can confirm that these set photos which the Daily Mail mistakenly posted as being from the Batman, are, in fact, from the Fantastic Beasts 3 set. This set will represent China in the film & joins our previous Berlin set photos:

Do you think this is the set Eddie Redmayne mentioned having to swim in?

You'll find a couple more pictures over on instagram including one showing water being pumped into the waterfall you can see in the first images posted above!