Harry Potter Pin Seeking – Fawkes in Flight

Hot off the tails of the new Niffler pin announcement from Wizarding World’s Harry Potter Pin Seeking collection, we have a new Fantastic Beast on the way: Fawkes the Phoenix.

Depicting Dumbledore’s trusty phoenix, this oversized enamel pin shows off the flame-feathered bird in all its glory. With wings outstretched as if taking flight, the stunning intricate detail and vibrant colours stretch from beak to tail feathers. This imposing pin is a striking centrepiece for your pin collection.

Fawkes in Flight comes in its own, embossed hexagonal box display, with integrated magnetic edges that will connect with other boxes in the Pin Seeking collection. Look for a secret code inside, along with a scannable Enchanted Key which, when used with the Harry Potter Fan Club app, will unlock surprise content about this one-of-a-kind pin.

The pin, which is limited edition with only 500 available, will go on sale May 19th for Wizarding World Gold members, and on general sale May 20th. The pin retails for £50/$65 from the Harry Potter Shop.