News Round-Up: August 2021

25th: James Newton Howard Scores

Composer James Newton Howard has posted an image of his previous Fantastic Beasts scores to instagram with the caption “Doing some research for Fantastic Beasts 3”.

For anyone who can’t make out what the folders say, all but one say “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Score Excerpts”, either ‘Volume 1’ or ‘Volume 2’, while the fifth says ‘Director Notes’.

Volume 1:

Main Title
Fantastic Beasts Main Theme
Grindelwald Theme
Grindelwald Theme Variation
Love Theme
Dumbledore’s Theme
Jacob’s Theme
Newt’s Theme
Heroic Theme
Queenie’s Theme
Nagini’s Theme
Goodbye Theme
Bad Guy Low Motif

Volume 2:

Bad Guy Brass
Grindelwald Vocal Motif
Credence Origin Story Theme
Leta’s Theme
Majestic Chords
Obscurus Theme
Bouncy Theme
Sweeping Theme
Thunderbird Theme
Case Theme
Option for Bunty Theme
Niffler Theme

26th: Reshoots in Cardington Sheds

Fantastic Beasts Three reshoots have begun in Cardington Sheds this week. The Sheds were previously used in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them immigration scene where Newt comes off the boat at the beginning of the movie.