UPDATED: Secrets of Dumbledore Full Trailer Breakdown

With 2 minutes & 32 seconds of actual footage in the trailer, this is going to be a long one. Make sure you’ve caught up with the teaser trailer breakdown, as I’ll be referencing it throughout, have watched the new trailer, and let’s begin:

1: We start off with a beautiful view of Hogwarts castle and Quidditch pitch from over the Great Lake where we can spot a Gryffindor vs Slytherin match happening in the distance

2: We then skip over to a shot of the viaduct bridge where the Gryffindor Seeker from the match above is shown to be chasing a golden snitch. Is this related to the snitch we see Dumbledore receiving later on?

3: A shocking shot of Michael Gambon’s Dumbledore from the Harry Potter movies fading into Jude Law’s younger Albus in Hogs Head.
Now, this is a trailer, not a featurette, so if older Dumbledore is in it does this mean we’ll see him in the film? Is this a vision of the future? Connected to the voiceover of Albus saying “If you listen carefully enough, the past whispers to you“, it feels very reminiscent of older Dumbledore saying to Harry that “magic, especially dark magic leaves traces“. At least now we know why WB included old Dumbledore in the new Twitter hashflags!

4: A beautiful shot of Newt and Theseus walking through a snowy Hogsmeade to get to…

5: …the Hogs Head pub and our introduction to Richard Coyle’s Aberforth as we see him through the mirror turning to speak to the Scamander brothers

6: Albus walking alone down the middle of a New York road in the snow past Kowalski’s bakery. Very curious. Did he go fetch Jacob himself? Why is he leaving alone? So many questions

7: Here we have what looks to be the International Confederation of Wizards (ICW) and a straight look down the middle path shows where we saw Grindelwald being carried by fans in the teaser trailer.
Tao Liu (left, red banners) and Vicência Santos (right, yellow banners) seem to be the main candidates for the position of Head of the ICW (you can see the ICW symbol on the 4th slide) with the supporters gathering outside. If we look closer at Santos’ banner we can read ‘Chefe Suprema Confederação Internacional de Bruxos’ which roughly means ‘Head of the ICW‘, while Liu’s reads ‘Resolutely support Liu running for the President of ICW‘.
We can see figures on the balcony of the building and more heading inside. Perhaps this is a meeting of the candidates?
On the pillars outside the building we can also see three identical Wanted posters (reading ‘GESUCHT’ across the top, meaning ‘wanted’ in German). It’s hard to make out who the image is of – my first guess would be Grindelwald, as who else would be given this much prominence in this situation, but the image doesn’t appear to look like him as far as I can tell…

8: Now we see our first proper up-close view of Mads Mikkelsen’s Grindelwald as he seems to be extracting a memory from Yusuf Kama before casting it off into the air. He is wearing what looks to be a suit and tie, so this might be around the time of the Ministry dinner party, or he might just like wearing a suit & tie again like he did as Graves in the first film. We can also see Mads’ more natural looking heterochromic eye up-close

9: We see Newt and Pickett wading through a river on a make-shift raft in what appears to be a bamboo forest in China from the background and what we know from the set pictures.
This scene would be before the one from the teaser where we see Newt under attack while running with a baby beast in his arms.
Also of note is his change of outfit – we now have at least two new costumes from Newt in this film!

10: This is intercut with the teaser clip of Albus speaking to Theseus as they and Newt talk in the Hogs Head about their plans

11: We’re back in the muggle streets of Berlin now where we see our new quartet (Jacob, Lally, Newt and Theseus) walking up to, and through, a secret portal in the wall of a dead-end pathway (reminds me of the entryway to Diagon Alley). For clarity, you can tell it’s still the muggle side of Berlin due to the bicycles parked in the snow. Lally and Theseus pass through first, leaving Newt and Jacob to go next.
If you look closely you can make out a symbol on the wall where they pass through – this looks to be the eagle from the German coat of arms so I suspect this is the entry to the German Ministry of Magic.

12: In Bhutan now and we see the temple steps from the teaser trailer at a new angle. We can now clearly see the four people at the bottom of the steps guarding while the group at the top looks down on the Santos, Liu and Grindelwald supporters congregating.
A couple more interesting things about this moment. First, Grindelwald’s green banner has been added at the top of the temple steps, meaning he is now a Head of the ICW candidate when he wasn’t before (outside the ICW we saw it was only Santos and Liu).
Secondly, we see the woman in green (Grindelwald supporter) at the bottom of the steps – she’s the one we see with Newt’s case as he chases her up the temple steps later in the trailer.

13: Bunty! Our dear Bunty is finally getting in on the action and we see her here carrying one of the duplicate cases through the streets of Berlin – but why is she alone, unlike the others?
It’s also nice to see she’s gotten her own costume that isn’t a work uniform

14: Finally we get a good view of Nurmengard, Grindelwald’s castle, as we see a large group of people walking outside – are they entering or leaving? Looks like entering to me, but it’s hard to tell

15: Passing through Maria Fernanda Cândido’s Santos in a banner, we watch her and the other candidates supporters trek down a wizarding street in Bhutan (you can see broomsticks hanging outside one of the shops) with more ‘VOTE!’ banners. Notably, this is our first look at political candidate posters for Grindelwald. You his insignia is broken up with a G at either side of the poster which otherwise only shows his portrait – behind of which you can spot both Albus and Jacob. Is this where the portkey dropped them off?

Now, on the last slide is where things get really interesting. Peppered around the edges of this street are long green and gold banners with the same designs as the portkey in the Room of Requirement. In the middle of the circle, however, instead of the temple shown on the portkey, is the word ‘qilin’.
To quote from wikipedia:

The qilin is a legendary hooved chimerical creature that appears in Chinese mythology, and is said to appear with the imminent arrival or passing of a sage or illustrious ruler. Qilin are a specific type of the lin mythological family of one-horned beasts.
According to Taoist mythology, although they can look fearsome, qilin only punish the wicked; thus there exist accounts of court trials and judgments based on qilin divinely knowing whether a defendant is good or evil, guilty or innocent, in ancient lore and stories.

It looks like the Qilin is part of the ICW election process

16: Mr Yusuf Kama walking alone towards the camera in what looks to be a similar location, so likely still in wizarding Bhutan. Something I’d like to take a closer look at, though, is that image on the wall behind him. It reminds me of the old symbols on the walls of the Great Hall in Hogwarts – possibly astrological or alchemical?

17: Cut to Ms Lally Hicks, Ilvermorny Charms professor as she performs a spell on the side of the road of what looks like New York, maybe? Do you see that green dot on her tie? At first I thought it looked like an eye shape but under a close up we can see it’s a tie clip of some kind

18: A train making its way through the snowy countryside. From an extra’s role we can assume that this is a wizarding train making its way to Berlin

19: And inside we see (most of) our group all together – Bunty, Theseus, Yusuf, Lally, Jacob, and the Niffler (scratching himself with a fork), with Newt and Pickett just out of shot, hanging out at the bar cart.
Does Jacob have a frying pan under his arm?

20: We can see Newt’s new costume in greater detail here – his waistcoat especially has taken a darker turn along with his coat and even bow tie. Darker to blend in better while on secret missions, perhaps?

Either way, he gives us some context to the teaser scene showing Jacob holding a wand – it really is his! Dumbledore has instructed Newt to give Jacob his own wand. Likely this is so he also blends in better with the wizarding community while on said mission. Smart!

The wand itself looks like a cross between Tina’s and Grindelwald’s original wand – raw looking, twisted marbled wood with a lip on the handle.

21: Teaser scenes: the Gryffindor seeker scene, only this time we know they’re chasing a snitch while following the other players into the distance; & our new quartet walking towards the Room of Requirement

22: Lally, Theseus, Jacob, Newt, Albus & a first look at the return of McGonagall in the Great Hall after what appears to be breakfast based on the food on the tables.
We see Albus casting a spell that looks to be creating a map made out of fog and clouds. In the next frame we see mountains to the edge of the map, which is likely Bhutan where they head to later (I’ll explain why I think Bhutan over China near the end). We also see Newt holding a newspaper with the words “Murd[ered?] Mug[gles]” in bold across the top. A clearer view of this can be seen in the released still (which you can view in our gallery) which also shows the headline “Mayhem at German Ministry of Magic” – I’ll come back to this in clip #30

23: Aberforth in the Hogs Head to Albus “Off to save the world, are we?” as the latter puts on his coat to leave, so this is probably after the scenes with Newt and Theseus there.
In the mirror behind Aberforth we see words written in the fogged-up mirror. Is this from Aberforth or is this another type of two-way mirror like we saw in Harry Potter?

24: Another angle (note where the banners are) on the ICW candidate supporters outside the ICW, but this time we see that there are aurors(?) standing guard between each statue to keep the crowd back.
Also a better look at Tao’s banner showing his full name

25: Back to Nurmengard where we see Credence outside alone watching a phoenix fly above – but is that a dark phoenix? You can see the flames underneath and the light on Credence’s face, but it’s definitely black. I’m reminded of Albus calling the Obscurus a ‘dark twin’

26: This appears to be the scene at the end of FBAWTFT when Queenie goes to visit Jacob in his bakery, but if you look closely Jacob appears to be crying, or at least swollen-eyed, and the lighting feels off. The shelves are also almost completely empty. Probably not a memory due to the sadness in the scene, so possibly a dream/Jacob’s thoughts?

27: So much is shown in this one second of footage. We have Albus holding up the blood pact which is glowing scarlet – looking angry. It’s also wrapped around his right wrist which shows cuts down along his forearm, probably from the chain considering the size/shape of the indentation marks and the fact it’s glowing angry red.
Finally, we can see the portrait of Ariana Dumbledore on the wall behind Albus which tells us that this takes place in a back room of the Hogs Head and he is possibly either demonstrating something to do with the blood pact to Newt and Theseus or telling them its creation story, or both.

28: This is one of only two ‘full'(ish) scenes from the trailer – here we see Newt and Theseus attempt to get past an army of some crustacean type beast. We know they’re magical beasts because Newt knows the (swivel) movements to safely pass, but I’m unsure of what they could be. The closest I can think of from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, the book, is the lobster-looking Mackled Malaclaw, which is said to be a completely different colour, but then again so were the Nifflers and Bowtruckles, so it’s still a contender.
It’s also in this cavern that we once again meet the Manticore from the teaser. The other thing of note here is that Newt appears to be missing his case and neither brother has a wand in their hand – have they been imprisoned somewhere? Captured by Grindelwald’s followers, maybe?

29: Speaking of being possibly captured, next up we have Lally and Theseus, each with a duplicate case in hand, under attack from Grindelwald followers (note the clothing). This is also taking place in wizarding Bhutan as you can see in the first shot the woman behind Lally is selling crystal balls, and in the second there are Diricawls popping in and out around the spells.
Curious about the images on the banners strewn throughout the streets. Hopefully the next trailer will grant us a closer look

30: We can now clearly see the dinner party I mentioned in the teaser trailer breakdown where Jacob is being attacked, but this time from another area and angle as he holds his wand up over his head.
Then our first shot of a gorgeous white-blonde Queenie absolutely glaring at Jacob as he’s being attacked (or is she the one attacking him?) in the magical cyclone of sorts. Not only that, but that’s Kama standing behind Queenie watching on as Jacob struggles. It looks like they both arrived with Grindelwald to this black-tie affair. Has Yusuf switched sides again or is he playing double-agent?
Remember that newspaper headline about mayhem at the German Ministry? I get the feeling this might be said mayhem, which tells us where this dinner party scene is being held.

31: In the middle of the Himalyas we have (l-r) Rosier, Credence and Carrow standing in front of a large protego spell which we then see Credence rip into.
On closer inspection we can see it’s Newt inside the protection spell, guarding a beast laying on the ground behind him. Is this where we see the acolytes steal the baby beast we saw Newt running with in the last trailer?
The final two images are a glimpse at Carrow and Rosier’s new costumes for this trip

32: Back to the steps and we see Newt running up after a woman who seems to be carrying his case. From the image earlier in #12 we can guess that this is one of Grindelwald’s acolytes stealing his case to bring to Grindelwald at the top of the steps.
Also of note is that the banners don’t appear to have Grindelwald on them at this point

33: Grindelwald shouts “Our war with the muggles begins today!” from the top of the temple steps as he points his wand at someone off camera. To the left we see Santos standing behind him, with Liu to the right.
What’s really interesting to me about this scene is that Grindelwald is openly shouting his real motive – the complete opposite to his Crimes of Grindelwald‘s public speech about not harming or hating muggles. This, coupled with the scene showing Grindelwald in the banners with his emblem fireworks going off, suggests that he has won the ICW election at this point. As Head of the International Confederation of Wizards he will likely be free to change laws and mandates (which I assume is/was the plan)

34: A very up-close shot of Albus having a realisation. There seem to be quite a few of these up-close facial shots

35: Back to the streets of Bhutan and we see Kama *seemingly* lowering his wand with Lally and Theseus standing behind him. Cut to Grindelwald’s followers being blown backwards from a spell as we see Kama still bent over in the background of the next shot.
This appears to be right after the clips in #16 and #29. We had already seen Kama at Grindelwald’s side at the gala, so is this showing him as a double agent? Using his ‘acolyte’ status to safely walk up to the fight before protecting Lally and Theseus from their attackers?

36: We start off this next scene with Grindelwald in a small underground pool with magical ‘water’; likely in Nurmengard. We immediately see him raise his arm in anger and make a choking motion, then cut to seeing Credence being thrown backwards against a wall by the wandless magic as Grindelwald apparates right in front of him, still choking him.
Other things to note in this scene are Rosier and an unknown man to the side – possibly Grindelwald’s bodyguard or Oliver Masucci’s Vogel – and also the baby beast we saw earlier in Newt’s arms standing right there on the edge of the pool (though looking rather worse for wear). Finally, we can see alchemical markings etched into the walls. Interesting.

37: Now we see a more extended version of the Credence vs Albus battle in Berlin. From this we can see that the Obscurus attacking Albus isn’t actually Credence, but an extension, using it to distract Albus before Credence physically attacks him himself. A quick glance behind him as Credence loads his wand up with a spell, and Albus disapparates.
We also see Credence’s costume in greater detail here, again wearing a three-piece suit, but more interestingly, if you look closer at his wand you can see him channel the Obscurus through it

38: Back to Hogwarts now and we see the scene right after the quartet walk down the corridor towards the Room of Requirement. The doors open to reveal Bunty inside placing the duplicate cases in a circle on the ground in front of the cylinder portkey to Bhutan. We then have Jacob asking “What is this place?”, to which Newt tells him, and the audience, that it is indeed “The room we require“.

39: Cut to inside the RoR again where we see that it’s Jacob that Albus was motioning to as he takes his hand with a smile and they’re the first to go through the portkey.

40: Back to China again as Newt and his case get carried through the air by some form of blue, pink and white giant bird with bat-like wings. The unknown creature first appeared puffed-out and then exhales while expanding its wings, so it might be being propelled by its own breathing/blowing air?
I wonder if this is a friendly beast, simply for the fact it’s also carrying Newt’s case?

41: Pickett running with Newt’s wand and looking terrified – I wonder what happened to Newt that Pickett has to intervene? Maybe this is related to Newt and Theseus being in the beast cavern wandless? Did Pickett steal Newt’s wand back and is being chased by the person who imprisoned them? Or possibly by the flame-throwing manticore considering the lighting flash on Pickett’s face?

42: Back to Albus and Credence battling it out – but where are they now? It looks like tram lines on the ground but there are also a bunch of open holes – could they be above the street in Berlin?
We see Credence throw the power of his Obscurus out of his hand (not the wand which he’s also holding) straight at Albus who seems to be under a protection spell before raising his hand (also wandless) to deflect the Obscurus once again with white light.

43: Back to the Great Hall again with Lally, Theseus, Jacob, Newt, Albus and McGonagall as they look up at Albus’s fog-map. I’m assuming Newt correctly says where this is a map of right before this as Albus turns to him and says “Correct. Three points to Hufflepuff” which is a lovely nod to his Hogwarts House.
A close-up of Theseus’ tie here shows us a phoenix emblem – the exact same one as on the Phoenix Book from Crimes of Grindelwald. Can we finally call this the original Order of the Phoenix now?

44: Remember in the teaser trailer breakdown I said I saw an outline of a phoenix in Albus’ white light spell against Credence? Look at that first frame – the same white light phoenix. Coincidence? I think not!
What’s also interesting about it is it’s hard to tell what it’s made out of. The top appears to be water (with wings from the water), but the bottom fizzles like a spell

45: And finally for the footage, we get to see the scene before the fog-map where not only the students are eating breakfast in the Great Hall, but Jacob too. Sitting with a Ravenclaw and two Gryffindor sudents (in the same style school robes we saw in Crimes of Grindelwald), Jacob shows them his wand. When asked where he got it, he tells them “I got it for Christmas” – him having the wand tells us this is after their trip to Berlin and so the fog-map is likely of Bhutan.
This clip also shows us the handle of his new wand

46: Last but not least, though, the title cards. Firstly, WB seems to have given us the tag line for Secrets of Dumbledore: “The War of Worlds Starts with a Secret
Secondly, when the Wizarding World logo appears we see the Elder Wand being created in the animation. Which makes sense, this is the story of that wand and its owners which connects the two sides of the WW – Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts.
What’s curious about it, though, is the fact that the only other wand that has a spell around it is Voldemort’s. It seems to fizzle just above it, not as prominent as the Elder Wand, and so not a creation story, but just a small fizzle. Could this possibly be hinting at us seeing a young Tom Riddle in the future?

What do you think? I’ll have a new post later in the week about everything we learned in the trailer, but in the mean time, come join in the discussion and excitement over on twitter or in our discord and let us know your thoughts and theories!