Breakdown: Secrets of Dumbledore Character Posters

With 18 posters to go through, let’s see what we can glean from the brand new Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore character posters:

First up lets get the ones that don’t tell us very much out of the way. Here we have Newt Scamander with a backdrop of a Chinese forest where we saw him attempt to rescue a baby Qilin in the first trailer; Jacob Kowalski holding his gifted wand in front of his bakery in New York; Bunty in the halls of Hogwarts on the way to the Room of Requirement; and finally Yusuf Kama in what could possibly be the halls of Nurmengard?

Next we have Albus Dumbledore in front of Hogwarts. Not much of note except we can see this is a different outfit to the current one on display at WB Studio Tour. If we have a look back at the last trailer we can spot the same tie in the Great Hall scene, which is right before the gang head to Bhutan. From this, we can also differentiate the two Hogs Head scenes from the last trailer: the scene where Dumbledore demonstrates the blood pact to the Scamander brothers happens earlier in the film, before Berlin, and the scene with Albus and Aberforth in the pub side of the Hogs Head looks to happen later in the film, right before Bhutan.

Up next are Theseus Scamander and Vicência Santos who both appear to be in the same place, judging by the type of lights in their backdrops. The Berlin Ministry maybe? Or the ICW? What makes me think this could be the Ministry way in to the Prison is that typing device behind Santos – it looks quite like the shape of what’s in Pickett’s poster, doesn’t it? And where we saw Pickett with Newt’s wand was the prison with the Manticore…

Next we can see the beautiful Lally Hicks at the Ministry Gala in Berlin wearing the gold dress on display at WB Studio Tour. We can also see our first true glimpse at Lally’s wand which appears to have a sculpture of Mama Waita on the handle (thanks to Archie for figuring this one out!)

According to the link above, the Mama Waita (slide 3) symbolises:

At once beautiful, protective, seductive, and dangerous, the water spirit Mami Wata (Mother Water) is celebrated throughout much of Africa and the African Atlantic. A rich array of arts surrounds her, as well as a host of other aquatic spirits–all honoring the essential, sacred nature of water.

We unfortunately don’t get much of a look at Aberforth’s wand, but here we see him in front of the streets of Bhutan, with a Santos banner behind him. Even more curious – is that Albus’ hat?
Those definitely look like Albus’ clothes, specifically the ones we see Albus wearing in the streets of Bhutan – could Aberforth be heading to Bhutan as a Dumbledore decoy?

Back to Nurmengard now where we surprisingly find Teddy the Niffler atop the book ‘The Atlas of Celestial Anomalies’ which we’ll remember from Grindelwald’s study in Nurmengard at the end of Crimes of Grindelwald. This begs the question – why is the Niffler in Nurmengard? How did he get there? And does this confirm suspicions that ‘The Atlas of Celestial Anomalies’ is indeed important to the story?

To the dark side now, and here we have Gellert Grindelwald in front of the temple in Bhutan; a long-haired Credence/Aurelius in what looks to be Nurmengard; newcomer Helmut in front of the streets of Bhutan; and finally ICW prospective leader Liu Tao wearing a dazzling suit, also in Bhutan:

Next we have the beautiful, now white-blonde, Queenie Goldstein also in Nurmengard – but let’s take a look at that jewellery. First we can see she’s sporting a new three-studded ruby ring on her right hand which matches the colour of her pendant and new outfit. The only ring Queenie had worn previously was her engagement ring, so what could this mean? We can also see she is sporting a gold bracelet on her left wrist which looks like it might be engraved with Grindelwald’s GG monogram

Finally, while still keeping inside Nurmengard, we have both Vinda Rosier and Anton Vogel in the same room – notably the one adjoining the study where we see the Niffler. Quite an intriguing trio!

What do you think of the posters? Spot something we haven’t mentioned? Think you know how Teddy got to Nurmengard? Let us know your thoughts and theories over on Twitter!