Secrets of Dumbledore Scene: The Blood Troth

Spoiler Warning for anyone who doesn’t wish to see full length scene clips from the film – click out.

Warner Bros have started playing scenes from Secrets of Dumbledore as targeted ads on YouTube – one of which is this Blood Troth scene. In it, we see Albus explain to Theseus and Newt what will happen if he tries to move against Grindelwald:

Originally tweeted by Maura Leamy | Fantastic Beasts (@MauraLeamy) on March 16th, 2022.

Theseus: “Can I ask what would possess you to make such a thing?”
Albus: “Love; arrogance; naivety – pick your poison!”

Were I to even think of defying it..

This scene fully confirms what we gleaned from Crimes of Grindelwald – that neither Albus nor Gellert can make a move against the other, and must resort to elaborate plans of maneuvering others in their stead. What’s new is now knowing what happens if Dumbledore so much as thinks about ‘defying’ the blood pact – he will die. In saying that, though, this is obviously not an unbreakable vow, which insinuates there must be a way to break the pact. Maybe something as simple as truly no longer feeling love for the other? We’ll have to wait another few weeks to find out!

In the mean time, keep an eye out for YouTube ads – there are more scenes from Warner Bros for us to find!