Cast Soundbites: Victoria Yeates

Transcript of interview taken on the set of Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore – all copyright to Warner Bros.

– On The Characters As Unlikely Heroes

“What I like about this movie is that our group is such… you know, they’re all unlikely heroes, all of them – apart from Lally, really, she’d probably be a likely hero, and Dumbledore – but there’s something very fallible about us all, and comic, and endearing, and you do think, ‘how are they going to pull this off’, so it’s the every-man getting to accomplish something and save the world.”

– On Bunty’s Character

“I think because she’s quite an unsuspecting character she’s going to go under the radar, which is what is needed for this mission. I think that he sees in her someone very dependable and trustworthy and so that’s why, I think, she’s been brought in, because she’s going to be able to complete the mission asked of her without other people finding out.”

– On The Quiet Character Getting A Voice

“I love that somebody like Bunty is given a voice. Like, in a superhero movie Bunty, the girl that was probably quiet, back of the class, obsessed with her animals, geek – suddenly gets a voice and gets to be part of an incredible adventure. And hopefully there’s loads of girls and boys who will identify with that, that they can see that in themselves and we’re showing that you can have a place at the table too.”

– On Working With David Yates

“He always makes it very intimate and he always brings it right back down to the truth. So that’s what David is all about, that’s what he really likes. Because you can, when you’re in something so big, everything can become so much more heightened and I think you lose the different relationships and this film is all about characters and relationships. You’ve got Theseus and Newt, me and Newt – it’s all about relating. So, he always brings it right back to the essence of it and just peels away anything you’ve, I suppose, layered on top, just to get to the truth. He’s a wonderful director.”

– On What Fans Will Like

“I’m really looking forward to people learning more about Dumbledore’s character; about his relationship, in part, with Grindelwald; about his brother; about Newt and all his different relationships with his brother. I think they’re really interesting character developments and it’s all very focused on peoples relationships and the complexity of all those different relationships. So, it is still really epic, but it’s also got that something that really draws you in because of that – because of the closeness and the intimacy that’s shown to do with the characters, that I think people are going to really enjoy.”

Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore will be available to buy on DVD/BluRay/4K from Monday July 25th.