Cast Soundbites: Richard Coyle

Transcript of interview taken on the set of Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore – all copyright to Warner Bros.

– On Aberforth’s Relationship With Albus

“He is very blunt, and he is resentful of having lived, I think, in Albus’ shadow. They barely exchange words, it’s a relationship of very few words, a lot of emotion that is repressed and held, and it creates quite a fascinating dynamic, and we certainly had a lot of fun playing about with it.”

– On Jude Law As Dumbledore

“I think Jude has a lovely quality – he has such a charming screen presence, and he also has a lovely vulnerability about him. I think that’ a very clever thing, a clever colour to have for Albus Dumbledore, because it sort of makes him so relatable, and so likeable, and that’s a very difficult trick to pull off and I think Jude just oozes those qualities and we really root for Albus Dumbledore.”

– On Working With David Yates

“Well David has been absolutely a complete rock for me, because it’s quite difficult to come in and place a character, an iconic character like Aberforth. To sort of hit the ground running, it’s very difficult to do that and David was really clear, and his notes and his help was always to do with emotions and how much of something to show, and how much of something to hold, and that’s sort of the tension that I’ve been trying to play with as Aberforth, is show and hold.”

– On Working On Stuart Craig’s Sets

“All the very best sets, when you step on to them, it’s like you can leave your imagination at the door; it’s like it’s there, it’s been done for you, and it’s a gift to have a set like that. Yeah, it was literally like stepping into exactly how I’d imagined the Hog’s Head to be, and I really wanted to just grab a drink and go and sit down by the fire. It was so authentic.”

– On What Fans Will Like

“It’s magical and yet it’s full of nuanced personal relationships and I think that is charming, and it’s intriguing, and I think that’s why its appeal is so broad.”

Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore will be available to buy on DVD/BluRay/4K from Monday July 25th.