Cast Soundbites: Alison Sudol

Transcript of interview taken on the set of Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore – all copyright to Warner Bros.

– On The Ending Of FB2

“In the second film she went through quite a shocking transition – I think it took a lot of people by surprise, including myself when I found that out – but basically she’s sort of systematically primed, in a way, for falling into the wrong crowd by the people that she loves one after another abandoning her.”

– On Grindelwald

“Grindelwald’s on a mission to become the leader of the wizarding world by hook or by crook. He’s not the kind of guy that’s going to do it the right way, you know, he’s gonna do it the way that makes it happen. And early on she observes him do something completely unthinkable and cruel, disgustingly cruel, to an innocent creature for his own benefit. It’s shocking, and it’s unclear what she’s seen up until then, but I don’t think it takes her very long to realise that she’s dealing with seriously villainous people.”

– On Working With David Yates

“Well we’ve known each other now for a while and I’ve developed my voice much more on these films. Beasts was only, I think, my fourth acting job or something like that, and David has been really wonderful in terms of holding space for me to contribute to Queenie, because he knows that I care about her a lot, and that I fight for her a lot. I was quite fiery in my fight for her this time around; there were certain elements that I really wanted to make sure that we saw in her journey this time around.”

– On Mads Mikkelsen

“Mads is one of the greatest actors out there. So, when I heard that he was coming on, I was both overjoyed and then so intimidated because he is just- you don’t mess around with him kind of actor, you know, and I didn’t know what kind of person he was going to be. He can just look through you with those eyes, even just somebody watching him in a movie, just like [intense]; but as a person he’s just great.”

– On Ezra Miller

“Ezra is so talented and such an interesting, wonderful, weird, great, deep, human. Ezra is just his own person, he’s not being anybody else, and it’s been really nice to watch him, because I’ve known him since he was quite young, and it’s been really nice to watch him grow up. Yeah, he’s just really soulful. We didn’t have a lot to do together, but it’s always nice to be on the set with Ezra.”

– On The Harry Potter Fandom

“It’s a real community, and it’s a community based on people who love magic, and it draws together quite a diverse group of people. But what I’ve found across the board is that fans – they really wear their heart on their sleeve; they’re really open and warm, and it just matters a lot.”

– On FB3’s Themes

“There’s a lot of themes that touch on politics, and also like deep human stuff that we’re dealing with, and it’s a good romp too, and it’s a magical world and I think we all need some magic after this, it’s been a really tough year. I find myself wanting to go into other worlds much more – I’m watching a lot more fantasy stuff and things that just take me away, and I think we all need that.”

Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore will be available to buy on DVD/BluRay/4K from Monday July 25th.