Cast Soundbites: Eddie Redmayne

Transcript of interview taken on the set of Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore – all copyright to Warner Bros.

– On FB3’s Plot Points

“Grindelwald is in hiding since we’ve last seen him and Dumbledore has recruited this group of wizards, this band, to go and hunt him down. Newt has been let in for the first time, normally Newt is sort of sent off to do Dumbledore’s hard work without having a clue what’s going on. This time he’s been given a chink into what’s going on, but the general consensus is there’s a plan unfolding with this sort of merry band.”

– On Newt In His Element

“One of the things that I love about this film is that you finally get to see Newt in his, kind of where he’s at his best and happiest, which is out in the wild tracking creatures. And in this case it’s a very beautiful and extraordinary creature in the wizarding world called a qilin, and it has this mythical status. So the first time you see Newt is in the Tianzi mountains in China, and really kind of putting all his tracking prowess to its best use.”

– On Newt and Theseus

“One of the key themes is siblings, really, it’s there with my brother Theseus, played by Callum Turner who I adore, and the complexity of those relationships and families when you’re all of the same blood but you’ve got completely different personality traits, and you have great love even though you are entirely different people.”

– On Working With Jessica Williams

“So we’re seeing many of the old band back together, but there are some new guys who are appearing. We got a glimpse of Lally, played by Jessica Williams, in the last movie, and she’s brought such a wonderful energy to these films. She’s hilariously funny, and passionate about this world, so that has been so much fun just getting to hang with her and getting to know Lally who’s got this really sort of elegant and yet funny, and almost sort of maternal quality to, certainly to Jacob and Newt, she’s kind of – they’re the kids and she’s sort of looking after them.”

– On The Fantastic Beasts

“Teddy the niffler is back, scene-stealing as always, and being that wondrous mix of heaven and hell. Pickett is about, being brilliant and helping Newt, giving him a bit of TLC when he needs it, and generally saving the day. The Wyvern, who has a pretty seminal role in an early moment in the movie. Yeah, so we’re getting to see all of these guys, which is wonderful.”

– On Expanding The Wizarding World

“One of the things that I always love about these movies is getting to expand the Wizarding World beyond what we know, and getting to see other cultures. And in this film we’re heading off to 1930’s Berlin, we go to China, to the mountains there, the Tianzi mountains, and then finally to Bhutan for this great wizarding election that’s happening.”

– On What Fans Will Like

“There’s great humour, whether it’s Dan Fogler or Jessica Williams, they just have such lightness of spirit to them that just makes it a really fun day at work, and that’s what these movies should be, I think. Like, whenever I used to watch the Potter films it was escapism for me, and they were films about outsiders finding their place, and these films retains that, but they also just blow your imagination.”

Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore will be available to buy on DVD/BluRay/4K from Monday July 25th.