Back to Hogwarts Celebrations 2022

It’s September 1st which can only mean one thing – Back to Hogwarts day has arrived! Hundreds of witches, wizards and muggles gathered at King’s Cross Station in London this morning for the 11am countdown of the Hogwarts Express train’s departure.

Hosts Sam Thompson and Vick Hope led the celebrations, which also included fun photo booths for fans from Bloomsbury, Lego, Cursed Child and WB Studio Tour London.

The list of events, including performances from the cast of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Warner Bros. Studio Tour London’s Death Eaters, and Paul Harris, the Wizarding World wand choreographer, can be found in our previous post right here. Don’t forget, the celebrations this year will continue from 9am to 5pm each day until Sunday, September 4th.

That’s not all, though! Later today a ‘look ahead’ stream will be broadcast by Wizarding World, which will give fans a glimpse at some upcoming plans for the franchise in the year ahead. The stream is due to start at 6.15pm BST, which you can watch on YouTube below:

Bringing it back to the world of Fantastic Beasts, going Back to Hogwarts, of course, also means a Return to Ilvermorny! The official sorting quiz is unfortunately no longer available on the Wizarding World website, but there is this quiz from a magazine circa 2016 for anyone interested in finding out their Ilvermorny House:

P.S Don’t forget to use the hashtag #BackToHogwarts in your social media posts today!