Hogwarts House Pride

Feeling a little glum in the absence of Fantastic Beasts film news? Well, WizardingWorld.com has your March entertainment covered with a fun Battle of the Houses Wizarding World quiz for fans to get involved in!

Today, Wizarding World celebrates this global community of people of all ages who cherish the magic of these remarkable characters, the adventures they embark upon and the values they represent.

Harry Potter fans take enormous pride in repping each of the four iconic Hogwarts houses; for brave Gryffindors, clever Ravenclaws, ambitious Slytherins and loyal Hufflepuffs alike, the house they identify with provides a true sense of honor and belonging.

In recognition of this, Wizarding World Digital is excited to launch Hogwarts House Pride – a free, interactive celebration of all things Red, Green, Blue and Yellow which will run until 4th April.

Inspired by the famous House Cup, fans from all four houses are invited to take part in weekly quizzes, participate in online challenges and join in with social media hashtag competitions to help lead their house to victory. In homage to the iconic house point hourglass fans will recognise from the blockbuster films, participants can keep track of who is in the lead by checking out the digital house hourglass leader board on Wizarding Word Digital, just as Hogwarts students could in the Great Hall!

Each time points are earned, colours will stack up to show who is in the lead. The house with the most points will take the ultimate prize…the Digital House Cup.

Now, how to get involved? First you’ll need a [free] WizardingWorld.com account where, once you’re signed in, you’ll have access to the first quiz.

All the questions are centered around the four Hogwarts Houses, with the first week being the easiest of the four rounds to ease you in. The questions are also on a timer so no time to cheat with a quick Google search – you have to be quick!

If you do need some revision help before getting started, Wizarding World have you covered – download the Harry Potter Fan Club app, sign in with your WW.com account and under the ‘discover’ tab there will be a key symbol in the top right corner of your screen. This is the ‘magical unlocks’ section where you can type in the ‘HOUSEBASICS’ secret code to revise your knowledge.

If you’re looking for other ways to get involved in the fun, just head to the @WizardingWorld account on your preferred social media platform, where a brand-new Hogwarts House Pride AR Filter is waiting for you over on tiktok and instagram.

There are lots of ways to boost your house points online – each share of your AR Hogwarts House Pride pics, house themed Wizarding World Portraits [available in your profile], screenshots of your favourite Hogwarts Legacy Common Rooms and house-related memories on TikTok, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram all contribute to the grand total when you tag @wizardingworld and include your house hashtag (#Gryffindor #Slytherin, #Ravenclaw or #Hufflepuff) alongside #HogwartsHousePride – every hash-tagged post earns your house those precious points!

Throughout the month, WizardingWorld will also host plenty of House-themed articles, magical giveaways for fans, and ‘Muggle On The Street’ – a brand new interview content series, hosted by a range of special guests chatting all things Harry Potter with the fan community.

So, are you ready to get involved? Head on over to WizardingWorld.com to get started & let the battle commence!