Fantastic Beasts Book Ornaments

For those of you who would like to recreate these Gold Foiled Fantastic Beasts Book Ornaments, you can download the A6 sized files I made here:

Materials Used:

The foil design for these is made via toner heat reactive foil, but you can also use the files to cut out gold vinyl if that’s easier & you don’t have either a laser printer or laminator – just make sure to erase the grids along the edges I added in order to see the cut lines on the black card.

To make these I used 300gsm black cardstock in a laser printer (my model is a Brother HL-L2375DW). Once that’s printed, I cut a sheet of gold foil to cover the design & fed it through my laminator. Absolutely any laminator will work – I originally used a cheap one from Lidl, but it only worked up to 140gsm & so in order to use 300gsm card, I opted to buy a Minc machine; but any laminator will work – just adjust the gsm of your card to its abilities.

No matter what heat source you choose to use, I recommend using these transfer folders. They create static & keep your foil from moving off of your design as you feed it through.

For the inside of the ornaments I made a wooden frame to the size of the ‘spine’, but it can easily be replicated with card/grey board/cheap photo frame if you have don’t have the wood option. If you do, however, and would like my wood dimensions Lightburn file, feel free to message me & I can send it on.

That’s it! They’re pretty easy to make once you have the print files so I hope you enjoy making these as much as I did!

Fantastic Quotes and Where to Find Them: The Crimes of Grindelwald

A free resource of quotes from the cast & crew of The Crimes of Grindelwald

Viewing: A5
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For anyone who would like to translate the above PDF, here is a 6.5MB version which can be put through Google Document Translate: